A New Reason to Shut Down the Border?

I figure if we’re going to continue to debate the immigration issue, I’d like to throw another perspective into the mix. Here’s what one effin’ retard has to say on the matter:

Just wanted to throw this out there about this whgole Mexican immigration thingie. A good portion of our cities were built by 2 groups of immigrants. (start humming “America The Beautiful”…now) They risked a long dangerous journey in order escape the poverty of their homelands. They came to America unable to speak English. They were snubbed by society, relegated to slums, and took the shit-jobs no one else wanted. As time passed, they lifted themselves up through hard work and were eventually accepted as important, contributing members of American society. Before you run off to help build a wall across America`s southern border, remember the history of the Irish and Italians in America.

Oh sure, the micks and wops spread Catholicism which led to the molestation of untold children by priests. And yeah, the paddies and guidos created the most corrupt political machines that America has ever seen not to mention their controlling interest in the unions which are crippling Americas ability to compete in the world market. Not to mention that the Irish and Italians are the two largest and most violent organized crime factions in the U.S.

Umm, you know what, on second thought, let`s hurry up and get that fuckin` wall built!

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. 1 — the *Irish* didn’t speak *English* when they came here? Aside from a Manxman, I just don’t see that happening. And the Isle of Man isn’t exactly part of Ireland, being it’s own distinct member of the Seven Nations.

    2 — The Irish and the Italians are the largest crime syndicates? So… the Russians all spend their spare time doing crochet, then?

    Nitwit. (Not you, Stephen.)

  2. Most Irish speak Gaelic, but all know English.

    And by the way, speaking as a Scotch-Irish who’s engaged to an Italian… there is no mob, there is no mafia, and shaddup or else you’re gonna get it.

  3. I noticed the errors (which is why I blockquoted verbatim), but posted it for it’s artistic (not political or factual) merit.

  4. Stephen: I knew that. It just made me feel good to be vindictive without possibility of repercussion.

    Trevor: Speaking as someone of equal Scottish/Irish blood myself, I have only the following to say:

    1) Of those native to the Seven Celtic Nations, aside from those in the Isle of Man, the overwhelming known majority speak Gaelic at best as second language and this has been the case for centuries. The majority of those living today wouldn’t know an m’claimh if they saw one.

    2) You’re probably more aware of the Irish side of things, or else you’re just a drunkard, as you referred to yourself as part Irish, part alcoholic beverage. (“Scotch/Irish” rather than “Scotts/Irish”). Just a sticking point for me.


  5. Gah. I can never spell that word right. (By the way, it means “claymore” but again, I mispelled it horribly. I don’t claim to speak gaelic myself. Or write it for that matter.)

    The best I can do is skein dubh.

  6. Eh, why do it proper… only makes the English nervous.

    Last time I was in Ireland the schools were teaching Gaelic along side English to children… a good thing in my opinion… maybe it will make a recovery… as opposed to the other languages, like Welsh, which are dying quickly.

  7. Since it’s Spring and most people are getting ready to plant flowers, I just wanted to point out that you are unfairly taking a job away from an immigrant when you do it yourself.


  8. Most poor Irish, especially those that lived in the West, spoke only the Gaelic, and not the English language. English was spoken by the middle and upper classes, and mostly in the eastern portion (the medieval Pale). That situation obtained when the great migration occurred in the 19th century, and began to change only towards the end of the nineteenth century. Starting with the early twentieth century, Irish intellectuals began championing the native language, and that started its resurrection.

    BTW, do you know what the fifth and sixth largest cities with a Irish population are? [Hint: they’re in the US.]

  9. First, thanks to everyone. The article is desired as satire and as with most satire, hints of truth are essential. FNR is a lavishly decorated reason to expunge the day. Each of our writers differs on the topic, but all above; even negative, is welcomed. Just make sure that the message was to use a less obvious target than those south of the border and find thy own parable within. BTW, I was raised in Ennistymon Co.Clare. and I satirize the Irish this month (gotta take it if ya dish it I guess). Thanks HammerofTruth. This site is the bomb – but ya already know, we list it :-)