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Michael Badnarik put out the following press release on his blog yesterday. Apparently they’re running so much good stuff down in Texas that they’ve got a problem pretty much any campaign would love to have: too much volunteer support. Here’s their idea of how you can help put idle Libertarian hands to work:

Wes Benedict is a true, Texas hero! There isn’t a single person in Texas, myself included, who has done more to promote Liberty and the Libertarian Party of Texas, than our Executive Director, Wes Benedict. I never knew Davey Crockett or Sam Houston, but I am very proud to include Wes among my close, personal friends. As you read the eMail that Wes mailed out, please notice how much personal time, treasure, and talent he has selflessly devoted to the cause.

For the Cause of Liberty in Texas, I implore you to contribute money to the LPTX doorhanger campaign. When you call, please tell him “Michael sent me” so he knows that my blog entry is what motivated your donation. I have exactly $90 to my name. I am giving $45 of it to Wes.

Texas Libertarians: Urgent Request

Volunteer support for our “Quiz Across Texas” campaign has surpassed our expectations. (That’s good news!) We are well on our way to distributing our stock of door hangers. These door hangers feature the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz,” which has proven to be one of the most successful ways to get voters to find out they are Libertarians. We’re rapidly blowing past our original goal of 100,000 door hangers and need to place our next order of 100,000 or more immediately, before it’s too late. But to order the additional door hangers, we need funds!

Please visit our campaign materials page to see our outreach materials:
and make a $500 contribution if you can. If you can only afford $200, $100, $50, or $20, please do that.

You can also mail a check (payable to “Libertarian Party of Texas”) to:

Libertarian Party of Texas
Attn: Quiz Across Texas
PO Box 41059
Austin, TX 78704

If you use the mail route, please send me a note (director@lptexas.org) or call me at 512-442-4910 between 8 AM and 10 PM any day of the week to let me know your contribution is in the mail. Or call me and I can take your credit card information over the phone.

In August, we purchased 100,000 door hangers. We only have 28,800 left! That’s a great problem to have so early in the campaign.

Now, we haven’t actually put up all of the other 61,200 yet. In fact, about 20,000 are in the hands of county chairs and a few distribution points in Dallas, Harris County, and a couple of other locations. Plus many others were recently sent out to volunteers who have not yet had time to distribute them. But they will soon! And when they’re done, they’ll be asking for more because this is such a great way for our many willing volunteers to get the Libertarian Party message out to voters.

Tim Lebsack, the Dallas County Chair, has already put out 2,600 door hangers single-handedly. Many other volunteers have already put out the first 200 we sent to them, and have made second requests for 400, 500, or 1,000 more.

In 2005, I ran for Austin City Council and purchased 45,000 door hangers plus 1,500 yard signs for my campaign. While I raised about $4,000 for that campaign, I also spent $11,000 of my own money because I wanted to make sure every willing volunteer had whatever campaign materials he or she was willing to help distribute. Had I not done that and proven that Austin volunteers alone could put up over 40,000 door hangers for one short city council campaign, I’m quite sure our State Libertarian Executive Committee (my bosses) would have said I was crazy when I said I wanted to purchase 100,000 door hangers for Texas volunteers. For the November 2004 election season, I believe only about 20,000 to 30,000 total pieces of Libertarian campaign literature of any kind were distributed in Texas. We’ll do at least five times better this season, but I’d love to do ten or even fifteen times better.

The first 100,000 door hangers we purchased cost about $5,000, or five cents each. Our next order of 100,000, if we are able to do it, will cost the same. However, because of the major volume discount pricing for high volume print runs, any that we purchase above and beyond 100,000 will only cost about 2.5 cents each.

If you all come through and contribute over $4,500 by Friday, I’ll contribute an additional $500 and order 200,000 more of these door hangers. $5,000 won’t be enough to pay for 200,000 door hangers, but if we can raise the $5,000, I’m confident that additional fundraising measures will cover the rest of the expense.

We really are in desperate need of funds. Based on past experience, we expected our August fundraising letter that went out to 1,500 people to bring in about $5,000. Instead, it only brought in $3,075. I’m not sure why. We had an excellent response rate of 6.8%, but the individual contributions were smaller than normal. Perhaps it was because we focused so heavily on getting people to order yard signs and door hangers rather than stressing the need for contributions.

In addition to the 5,000 yard signs, 100,000 door hangers, and 5,000 bumper stickers we bought last month, I purchased fifty 4-foot by 8-foot signs for $1,705. In hindsight, that may have been a mistake and I wish I had saved that money for door hangers instead. However, I was under pressure to make a decision on those signs weeks ago to get them at such a good price while the printer had available production capacity, and I made the decision I made. Because I ordered those signs and now regret it, I have made a $2,000 contribution myself to the Libertarian Party of Texas in order to cover the cost of those signs.

[See what I mean about Wes? No complaints. No shifting the blame. He just steps up to the plate and makes it happen. Oh how I wish all Libertarians were like that. -Michael]

Since I paid for those signs myself, I will put most of them up in my hometown area of Austin. However, I’m willing to make some of them available to other areas and use them for fundraising for the party. Because of the difficulty of transporting signs of that size, I can only make them available to areas within the triangle of Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San Antonio. For people who identify good locations for signs, I’ll find a way to get them delivered to the appropriate area if you make a $35 contribution to the LPT for each sign you’d like to see in your area.

We have a record number of Libertarian candidates in Texas this year. While most are running low-budget campaigns to help promote the party, many have done much more. The National Libertarian Party has a new Candidate Tracker ranking system posted on its website, LP.org. While I’m not entirely supportive of every aspect of the Candidate Tracker project, the fact is that Texas candidates overwhelmingly dominate the list. At the top is Bob Smither, running for Congress in district 22, followed by Michael Badnarik in third running for congressional district 10. The eleventh listed candidate is Matthew Moseley, running for Texas State Representative in district 112 (Dallas area). Matthew helped to organize our strong Libertarian presence last Saturday at the Dallas Hob Nob political event at Reunion Arena. While attendance from the public was lower than expected, Libertarians made a strong showing. Matthew made a $50 contribution to the LP Texas Saturday in order to have a sign placed in the Dallas area. I left three signs in Dallas hoping that two other supporters would come through and help pay for the cost of those signs. Regardless of whether someone makes a contribution, the signs will stay in Dallas (it would be silly for me to go take them back), but we really do need financial support from the Dallas area as well as from the rest of Texas.

Folks, I’m not asking you to take a second mortgage out on your home to support the Libertarian Party of Texas this year. I know many of you have been strong supporters of the Libertarian Party for many years. As I said earlier, I recently contributed $2,000 and am willing to throw in another $500 if enough of you come through to reach $4,500 by this Friday.

This e-mail is going out to over 3,000 Libertarians. All I’m asking is that all 3,000 of you combined come up with just 1.5 times the $2,000 I already contributed this month. And if you contribute $4,500, I’ll contribute another $500. I don’t have time to research all of the statistics, but I believe there’s a group called the Tax Foundation or something similar that reports most Americans work until April just to pay for federal, state, and local taxes. If just 50 people on this list contribute ONE day’s pay to the Libertarian Party of Texas, that will be enough for us to order 200,000 door hangers to make sure all willing volunteers in Texas have all the materials they need to help promote the Libertarian Party message of LOWER TAXES and smaller government across the board.

Our Assistant Director, Arthur DiBianca, has had incredible success calling Libertarians by phone and asking them to volunteer to distribute door hangers. Like I said earlier, while only 6.8% responded to our mailed letter, over 50% of the people Art reaches by phone agree to distribute door hangers. Art is able to get commitments for about 2,000 door hangers each day he makes phone calls. That’s partially why we’re running out of door hangers so quickly. Mailing one yard sign and 200 door hangers to a volunteer costs about $6.00 in postage. Without additional funds, we’ll have to slow down on the phone calling and direct shipping, and have volunteers who request materials drive across town to pick up the remaining materials we have at the various distribution points. I’d rather pay $6 in shipping than have volunteers spend $6 in gasoline plus waste two hours coordinating with county chairs to drive across town in traffic to pick up a limited supply of materials.

Why do I think this project is so important now? I’m thinking forward towards the 2008 elections. We have a record number of candidates, we are already poised to distribute a record quantity of campaign literature, and our candidates are receiving extensive coverage by the press all across Texas. Many reports keep mentioning how upset Democrat and Republican voters are with their own parties and how they are looking for alternatives. The fact that independent gubernatorial candidates Kinky Friedman and Carole Strayhorn are at the top of the ticket means more voters than usual will forego the straight party ticket option and will be more likely to select Libertarian candidates in races below the gubernatorial level. That’s what happened in 1992 when Reform Party candidate Ross Perot ran for president.

While it would be careless for me to confidently predict wins in specific races in 2006 (winning depends on strong individual candidate efforts), I do predict we’ll get our best percentage results ever. And the best way for us to create enthusiasm for the 2008 elections is to work our hardest and do our best in 2006.

After November 2006, rather than having to hit you all up hard for even more donations, I’d like to be able to approach some of the multimillionaire business people in Texas who are well known Libertarians yet who haven’t made financial contributions to the Libertarian Party.

I want to be able to say that due to our unprecedented and proven organizational efforts, we had a record number of candidates, activated a record number of volunteers, and achieve record results. Rather than saying we distributed 95,000 door hangers, I want to say we distributed a quarter million. (There’s something about using the word “million,” even if it is just a quarter, that just has such a better ring to it than however many thousands we might otherwise have to claim.)

Please visit our Quiz Across Texas page or go straight to the donation page and make your best contribution today of $500 or $200 or whatever you can do so we can make sure every willing volunteer is put to work at his or her maximum potential.
Donation page: http://lptexas.org/donate.shtml

And of course, request more campaign materials while you are there.

Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian Party of Texas
Call me, 8 AM to 10 PM, any day: 512-442-4910

Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards is a 26-year-old land surveyor based out of Portland, OR. He is a left-leaning geolibertarian and (theologically) liberal Christian, and has been blogging on HammerofTruth.com and other libertarian sites since 2004.

  1. Thank you Stuart. This is the first time I could get online (at my house) since yesterday morning.

  2. Note to Mr. Benedict: Nobody donates to Badnarik’s fraudulent campaign anymore, and probably not to anything he is whoring either. Has Hacker found a way to funnel these funds into his pocket too?

  3. It should be noted to those outside of Texas that this is NOT solely a Badnarik, TX-10 operation. This is distributing literature across the ENTIRE state of Texas, especially within the main population centers, ie, the Texas Triangle defined by Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. But, we’ve got 21 million people we’re trying to reach. The TXLP is one of the strongest in the nation, and we have a chance to make real forays into Texas politics this year. We’re on track to displace the Democrats as the “opposition party”. Your help will help the TXLP gain credibility within the state, and will help other state LPs gain credibility by being able to point at Texas.

    Once again, this is not solely for Michael Badnarik. The TXLP is running all these candidates, and the aim of this operation is to bring in high enough vote totals that people start paying attention.

  4. I won’t criticize them. Quizzes are not the vehicle I think is best, but it doesnt matter what I think. I’m not there, and I got campaign work to do here. I need to make that good as I can instead of getting down on someone else.

    Do your best, whatever you be doing, unless you be doing nothing…..history will judge the successful from the bogus soon enough.

  5. Note: My post was not intended to cast aspersions on the Badnarik campaign. I’ve got no idea what they’re doing, and as an unemployed college student I haven’t sent them any money, but I’m pretty much neutral on them at this point.

  6. So does anyone know if those materials they are distributing are standard? Is there a template that we can edit over here in Arizona? I am seeking to save time, I can get them printed and distributed prior to the general election.

    I’ve got plenty of “documented” aliens over here to help with distribution! ;-)

    Seriously though, if anyone has information on that template please let me know! Thank you.

  7. I was glad to contribute to the LPTX Doorhanger Campaign and encourage us all to chip in. The TX LP is working hard and effectively.

  8. Ask Mr. Van Dyke.

    I did. He said:

    I am working on it diligently and am hope to have it up in the next few days.

    This was 3 weeks ago. I sent him a follow-up message 3 days or so ago – no reply.

  9. To putrimalu:
    I’ve never asked people to support LibertyMix.com. I’m not OPPOSED to LibertyMix, but I’ve never seen it, and I prefer not to generate endorsements through rumor and hearsay. If you can reproduce something which suggests that I HAVE endorsed this site, I’d love to see it.

  10. LibertyMix is undergoing a “secret plan”, which isn’t working out so far, so they have to go to a futile and dubious “plan B”. Don’t worry. Send money.

  11. whoa.

    Was there not a ad on here months ago that had a direct quote from you in it saying that Libertymix was not a “something or other’ (cant remember actual wording) but a giant leap forward? I remember the ad with that quote from you in it.

    does anyone else remember seeing this to confirm? Orange background, where the current libertymix thingie is? And am I alone in remembering a quote from Badnarik there?

  12. Actually Michael, your name is signed to a letter asking people to donate money to get LibertyMix off the ground:


    “Stephen2 are taking considerable personal risks on a financial, time and reputation level for this yet-to-be-announced (except to you) project [refering to LibertyMix], but it’s going to take some seed money to get it off the ground. Your $25 “charter membership” will do double duty. It will allow them to produce the goodies, and it will allow you to consume them at a “preferred” level of access. You’re receiving this because you know their professional acumen, their record of delivering results and their dedication to moving the libertarian movement ahead of its competition. Freedom is never free, but $25 is pretty darn cheap.” – Michael Badnarik

  13. Is this all you guys have to do?

    Now you’re attacking the creators of this very blog.

    It’s a good thing not a one of you has ever had a project delayed, or had to make a priority judgement when you got too busy trying to build things while so many are working so hard to tear things down.

    Has it not occurred to you that if you spent half the time helping that you spend jawing, things would be getting done, friends would be getting elected?

    Do you wan to know the real reason Ron Paul isn’t affiliated with the LP? Look in the mirror.


  14. you’re attacking the creators of this very blog.

    I’ve not attacked anyone. I’m just asking about the status of LibertyMix.

    It’s a good thing not a one of you has ever had a project delayed,

    When I have a project delayed, I give reasons, and regular status reports. I am also held accountable for those delays.

    or had to make a priority judgement when you got too busy trying to build things while so many are working so hard to tear things down.

    Pointing out delays and asking for updates is “tearing down”?

    Has it not occurred to you that if you spent half the time helping that you spend jawing, things would be getting done, friends would be getting elected?

    I don’t spend much time “jawing” on this site nowadays. Since you presumably don’t don’t spend much time “jawing” either, tell me which friends you’ve managed to get elected.

  15. All right, thats it. Gloves are off. I dont like being shit on after I spent 10 hours working for a current LP candidate each day for the last 3 days, plus 5 hours of my weekend, and getting ready to do more over the next 3 weekends in a row. I can’t say doing what becuase it’s not public information yet. But you’re not talking about me. There are plenty of people on here I highly suspect don’t do shit to help anyone but themselves, but I’m not one of em, and I have a track record to prove it.

    First of all, I’m assuming that the post from Badnarik above is the real deal, and not someone posing as him. It could be someone posing as him, and if that’s the case, then nothing else of what I say applies.

    When I say “Whoa”, there’s good reason. HE FUCKING ENDORSED LIBERTYMIX. To say otherwise is a falsehood. His name was on the ad that ran for weeks on here, and he either allowed his name to be used for it or didnt know it was being used without his permission.

  16. I’ve never asked people to support LibertyMix.com.

    It has now been established that you have.

    I’m not OPPOSED to LibertyMix, but I’ve never seen it,

    Never seen it? So, you go about willy-nilly lending your name and credibility to products you’ve never seen?

    and I prefer not to generate endorsements through rumor and hearsay.

    I see. I think there are 3 possibilities here:

    1) You DID endorse LibertyMix, but just forgot. I don’t blame you, it was a long time ago.
    2) You DIDN’T endorse it, and the creators used your name without your permission. Seems unlikely.
    3) You are not really Michael Badnarik, but a troll posting comments in his name, in an effort to make him look bad.

    Which is it?

  17. contd:

    now, when we donated to libertymix, it was not the same thing as donating to a campaign. We were donating to a PRODUCT, no different than if we ordered an item from a store. The product is late, and people are getting antsy becuase they paid for product and havent recieved the product.

    To equate that with an attack is weird, dude. We have every right to inquire about the status of the product we paid for. And ask those who lent their name to it as well.

    And I have not only the right but the duty to challenge statements by Badnarik that I believe inaccurate. When he said he didnt endorse LibertyMix, thats a statement I simply cant buy. I dont know why he said it, assuming thats him, but surely he had to know that some people donated to the project because his name was on it, right? Did he think no one would remember?

    I mean seriously, Allen, WTF?

    Damn….somebody pull this knife out my back.

  18. and someone may be posing as Badnarik, but nobody’s posing as Hacker, I dont think. That’s the way he writes.

    This is serving someones purpose, I know that. I dont know whose or what, but it’s manufactured. I’ve said what I gotta say, so I’m out.

    It’s not unreasonable when to pay for a product, and dont get it, to ask WTF it is, and when am I gonna get it. It’s a lot more weird to attack the asker.

  19. Clarification on #28,

    I am not 100% sure that was Hacker that wrote that response, unless Hacker mistyped his email address severely.

  20. Allen, your candidate, who I respect and support, ASKED to be shown evidence that he endorsed LibertyMix (if that was him posting):

    “If you can reproduce something which suggests that I HAVE endorsed this site, I’d love to see it.” – MB

    Personally, I think it was more an endorsement of Van Dyke and Gordon than the specific project (I have nothing but respect for both of them as well, even if LibertyMix is late — BTW half the team now has another job, so delay is understandable), but he is on record endorsing their project. No one said the delay is his fault, or that he has anything else to do with the project.

    Mike Nelson and Devious poked at you personally a little, but that doesn’t give you justification to lecture the rest of us because we pointed out an inaccuracy in Michael’s statement. Michael probably just forgot — it was right after the presidential election and ya’ll had and have been doing a LOT. It’s understandable.

  21. Yeah, I’m becoming all sorts of not impressed right now.

    Even though it’s petty and juvenile, if Badnarik could take two more minutes out to explain the above posts in this thread, that’d be great.

    And Hacker, if that WAS you in that anti-war candidate thing… *shakes head and sighs* No news source is beneath a respectful response, no matter how lame they may be.

  22. On Wednesday, September 13, 2006, the Dallas Morning News published an Associated Press interview with Kinky Friedman. Kinky tried to downplay the racist nature of his recent unfortunate comments saying that the black hurricane refugees in Houston from New Orleans were “thugs and crackheads”:

    Friedman last week said he would provide $100 million to Houston, or any other city facing similar crime problems, so Houston could hire 1,200 new police officers to deal with crime and weed out the “crackheads and thugs” among the thousands of Katrina evacuees from New Orleans who relocated to Houston.

    Roundly criticized as a thinly veiled attack on blacks from Louisiana, Friedman said Wednesday his proposal “was not in any way racist.”

    “How can you possibly regret that, telling the truth?” he asked. “I am not a racist, I am a realist. … I never said what color their skin was. …. I’m smarter than that.”

    Yet on September 9, 2006, Guillermo X. Garcia with the San Antonio Express-News Staff reported on a question-and-answer session with Kinky and directly quoted him:

    In answer to a question, Friedman said the comments do not indicate that he holds racist views. Rather, he said they demonstrate his ability to take on a subject the other candidates won’t touch.

    “Racism was here before I came around,” he said. “I am just trying to bring up these issues within the (expletive) society.”

    Later, he said: “As it happens, the crackheads and thugs who remain in Houston after Katrina happen to be black; that’s fact.”

    This latest lie follows Kinky’s previous lies about his past claims that he vote for Ann Richards and Al Gore and against the Constitutional Amendment rejecting equal marriage rights. Here is one such false claim:

    Susannah McNeely: … after your bid for Justice of the Peace in ’86, you said you were leaving “that worthless tar baby that is politics” to the young people. What happened that changed your mind and prompted you to run for governor of Texas?

    Kinky Friedman: Nothing changed my mind, that’s still correct. This is not a political campaign. It’s a spiritual one””a spiritual calling.

    SM: So does this idea of the honorable cowboy have anything to do with why you threw your support behind President Bush in this last election? You did, didn’t you?

    KF: Yes. I did in this last election, but I didn’t vote for him the first time.

    SM: Who did you vote for in 2000?

    KF: I voted for Gore then. I was conflicted. . .but I was not for Bush that time. Since then, though, we’ve become friends. And that’s what’s changed things.

    SM: So it’s your friendship with him that’s changed your mind about having him as president more than his specific political positions?

    KF: Well, actually, I agree with most of his political positions overseas, his foreign policy. On domestic issues, I’m more in line with the Democrats. I basically think he played a poor hand well after September 11. What he’s been doing in the Near East and in the Middle East, he’s handling that well, I think.

    Kinky statements about his past votes have proven false based on Kinky’s public Kerr County voting records:

    “Quite often, I did not like my choices,” Friedman was quoted as saying in Friday’s Dallas Morning News….

    “The voting record doesn’t look strong, but my voting record is better than Dick Cheney’s,” he said….

    According to Kerr County voting records, Friedman voted in the 2004 presidential general election but not in any other contest since 1994.

  23. ;-)

    If you’re working for a candidate or weren’t attacking the Steves, I wasn’t talking about you: don’t respond.

    I wasn’t defending Michael, I was defending the Steves.

    Michael wrote a supportive article, it apparently slipped his mind; we didn’t pay for an ad, but he supports the Steves and if they try to do something, we’ll both support it until there’s a real reason not to.

    Mike N., you are a waste of a perfectly good keyboard if you start telling the truth and saying anything worth reading.

    MN: “Note to Mr. Benedict: Nobody donates to Badnarik’s fraudulent campaign anymore, and probably not to anything he is whoring either.” An ignorant lie. Plan B update raised $22,000+.

    MN: “Has Hacker found a way to funnel these funds into his pocket too?” Drivel at best; combined with much else, begins to smell of libel.


  24. No legitimate news source goes anonymous and threatens to misrepresent people. He intentionally typo’d my address and our website so people couldn’t easily get to us. He refused to correct the typos, told me he could say anything he wanted to say and there was nothing I could do about it.

    I think he’s MN’s kissing cousin.


  25. What’s the deal over at TPW? Critics can say any outlandish thing they want but my response isn’t posted?

    You want our poll data, etc, tell them to pass my post through. They can even use version 2, the one without the sarcasm.


  26. In regards to the news source… we need to focus on what will get us elected, not scoring points for being right. But we’ll see what happens in November, I suppose.

    As for Third Party Watch, Austin’s been plenty charitable to your campaign so I would imagine it’s nothing malicious; just a glitch in his blogging software. It happens all the time; if you like you can submit the polling to us and I’ll even write up the article right now for you. I’m sure Austin will do his best to correct the bugs, and see to it your post gets through when he sees this. You might also try shooting him an email about it so he can react more swiftly.

    At any rate, grab a cup of coffee or something, man. Just relax for five minutes or something… sounds like you could use some relief from the stress. I dunno about Texas, but it’s a nice night out here in Nebraska. :)

  27. putrimalu wrote:
    I think there are 3 possibilities here:
    1) You DID endorse LibertyMix, but just forgot. I don’t blame you, it was a long time ago.
    2) You DIDN’T endorse it, and the creators used your name without your permission. Seems unlikely.

    First: This is the REAL Michael Badnarik.
    Second: I DO remember being asked to endorse Hammer of Truth – a blog that has been consistently used to slander my name and make accusations about my campaign by people who have never called me to ask for an explanation.
    Third: The HoT endorsement statement was written FOR me, and it sounds a lot like the one quoted for LibertyMix.
    Fourth: I DON’T remember endorsing LibertyMix. I’m not even sure what LibertyMix is supposed to be.

    I sincerely wish LibertyMix well, however I find it very odd that people who think I’m unethical and corrupt would even WANT my endorsement.

    If anyone wants to TALK to me about this, the number is on my website. I’ll be back in the office on Monday.

  28. I believe LibertyMix is supposed to be an extension of Hammer of Truth (in a sense), and the letter written for you was used to solicit donations for this extension (which, at the time I do believe had no name.) BTW, I always assumed either Tom Knapp or Steven Gordon wrote the letter — it’s completely in their “voice”. (That’s a compliment to them. There superb writters.)

    I think you can understand how people assumed you were endorsing LibertyMix. Hell! I endorse the concept behind LibertyMix (not that many people care).

    There probably is about 1-2 people in the world right now that even consider any of this an issue. And they don’t live in TX CD22.

    So Go Michael, Go! And thank you for running for President and Congress. This months monthly pledge should be coming your way any day now (not much, but I do what I can).

  29. Mike N., you are a waste of a perfectly good keyboard if you start telling the truth and saying anything worth reading.

    So if I tell the truth I am a waste of a perfectly good keyboard? We all knew you were insane, but come on.

    An ignorant lie. Plan B update raised $22,000+.

    That is strange, I thought plan “B” was your idiotic attempt to try to get the Democrat to drop out of the race – after your top secret plan, to rely on some mystical force to come save your ass, failed miserably.

    Drivel at best; combined with much else, begins to smell of libel.

    Really? Tell me Hacker, how much advertising (tv/billboards) could the Badnarik campaign bought had you not swindled $100,000 into your own pocket?

  30. No legitimate news source goes anonymous and threatens to misrepresent people. He intentionally typo’d my address and our website so people couldn’t easily get to us. He refused to correct the typos, told me he could say anything he wanted to say and there was nothing I could do about it.

    Gee, it wouldn’t be the very rude way in which you responded to an organization asking for Badnarik’s position, would it? It is odd that no other candidate perceived their solicitation as threatening. Of course your whole plan is to line your pockets with the donations that many fine folks have donated to Badnarik’s campaign and to obviously lose this election – thus the fraud.

  31. Darcy G Richardson hit the nail on the head over at TPW:

    The only television in Badnarik’s campaign will probably be the new 50” plasma TV Allen Hacker buys for himself from the huge salary he’s pulling down as campaign manager. According to FEC Reports, Hacker, or more precisely his firm “Articulate Management,” has already been paid $93,750 since signing on as Badnarik’s campaign manager in August 2005. This includes twenty-four checks totaling $74,250 that Hacker, who also conveniently serves as Badnarik’s campaign treasurer, has written to himself during the first six months of 2006. It’s all there in the FEC Reports.

    Hacker’s so-called “secret plan” to win the Texas CD-10 race has always had a Nixonian ring to it. But that’ll become clearer to Badnarik’s contributors about a half-hour after the polls close on November 7 when the LP’s one-time presidential candidate barely breaks double-digit percentage, if that.

  32. Of course almost any libertarian would call for the total abolishment of the FEC, losing the ability for us to check up on little facts like the above if we came to power. Hacker would be able to do what he wished with no oversight at all.

    Ironic, isnt it? (no FEC luver am I, but it was too good to resist. :)

    That’s the aspect of the FEC I happen to like, government or no government. I like being able to check up on campaigns nd where the money goes and I think it’s in the public interest to be able to do so.

    There’s plenty of other things about it I hate, though.

  33. Tim,

    If you need FEC reports to determine that Hacker is a fraud, then you deserve to waste your money.

  34. I dont have a dog in this fight, you got it in for Hacker, that’s no concern of mine. I too find it strange he can write himself checks – thats absolute bad in a bottle right there. The only person who should be able to write checks in a campaign is the campaign treasurer, and that shouldnt be the same guy that runs the whole show. Just common sense.

    Sorry for pointing out the obvious in your using bad nasty government tools to find out whats going on. I have no quarrel with you, it was just too ironic to pass on.

  35. Michael, what’s your problem? We’ve posted articles for you, sometimes reprinting your press releases verbatim (like happened here). That’s pretty fucking good for any campaign to manage with a media source. Why are you attacking us? Because of commenters? Commenters say whatever the hell they want; fuck, we’ve got one dumbass posting anti-Semitic shit all over this blog. That’s not us.

    So two of our dozen or so bloggers has it out for your campaign manager. Libertarianism is cat herding-deal with it. They also don’t post articles slamming you. The most anti-Badnarik campaign article here yet was mine, asking for some clarification on some FEC stuff. And, for that matter, I wouldn’t mind hearing more about this bit with Hacker’s financing, just for the assurance of your donor base if nothing else.

  36. This is all well and good. We’ve established that Libertarian candidate for congress Michael Badnarik signed an endorsement he didn’t write for a site he’d never seen, and then forgot about it. Great.

    What I’d like to know: Where is LibertyMix.com?

  37. So, can we assume that Mr. Badnarik might, if elected, sign bills which he didn’t read? After readin all of this I do have to say that all this accusations need to be answered and all the laundry aired if Mr. Badnarik is to remain a prominent figure in LP politics. The old saw about “the appearance of impropriety” has more meaning for us than it does for the BOYN’ers.

  38. Has it not occurred to you that if you spent half the time helping that you spend jawing, things would be getting done, friends would be getting elected?

    I will ask this question again, Hacker, because it seems you’ve overlooked it. Once more: What friends have you gotten elected, and to what positions?

    I genuinely want to know. I visited your website, and whereas most campaign managers would trumpet their successes, yours lists no satisfied (or elected) clients. That, to me, either means there aren’t any, or you’re the most modest man on earth.

    Thanks, awaiting your answer.

  39. I DO remember being asked to endorse Hammer of Truth

    You endorsed what you called “a new project”, and a “new internet presence”. Reading your letter (DID you read it before signing it?) you obviously knew it was a different site. If not, then do you just sign anything put in front of you? Either you were wrong then, or you’re wrong now – which is it?

    I’m not even sure what LibertyMix is supposed to be.

    You go into lots of details about what it is “supposed to be” in your endorsement (again, did you actually read it at all?)

    I want details. Did you sign your name, sight unseen? What info about LibertyMix were you given (if any)? Now that it’s so many months late, do you regret your endorsement? Where do you stand on this project that many people donated to on the strength of your name?

  40. So, can we assume that Mr. Badnarik might, if elected, sign bills which he didn’t read? After readin all of this I do have to say that all this accusations need to be answered and all the laundry aired if Mr. Badnarik is to remain a prominent figure in LP politics.

    Amen to that – I want answers.

  41. This discussion should have ended when I answered the question in sentence 3 of comment 39.

    That certain among you choose to ignore facts and explanations for whatever personal games or agendas you are playing is as much to your discredit as any damage you cause others.

    But that doesn’t get you off the hook. You are responsible for the results you cause.


  42. 1/3


    From Wex, everyone’s resource for law learning

    False words, which damage another person’s reputation or good character and are conveyed in a lasting manner, especially writing. See e.g. New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964). See also defamation, slander.


  43. 2/3

    Defamation per se

    From Wikipedia

    All states except Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, and Tennessee recognize some categories of statements are considered to be defamatory per se, traditionally:

    In states that recognize defamation per se, people making a defamation claim for certain statements do not need to prove that the statement was defamatory:

    Allegations or imputations “injurious to another in their trade, business, or profession.”


  44. 3/3

    Public Notice:

    I, Allen Hacker, claim a common-law property right in my reputation; since failure to defend same is often mistakenly taken by the public to be admission, I have decided to vigorously defend my reputation by taking aggressive legal action against libelous statements made here and elsewhere by irresponsible persons, and where appropriate, their facilitators.

    Irresponsibility is the antithesis of libertarianism.


  45. Oh brother, now she’s threatening lawsuits… I have to laugh.

    He is either:

    1) Desperately trying to find a scapegoat for his non-existent “campaign manager” capabilities.


    2) Afraid of being exposed for the fraud that he is.

    Or both.

  46. Ok, since the lawsuit threat is official out there, I guess I have to state HoT’s legal position in clear terms:

    As the publisher of Hammer of Truth, I hereby declare the opinions and views of commenters and editors is their own and not that of Hammer of Truth. This blog serves as a forum for public discussion and opinion on political news and opinion and is not liable for those opinions.

    As a publication without a formal editorial review process for submissions, we are unable to screen the veracity of statements made on this site and expect our writers and commenters to use their best judgement in making claims or declaratives about persons or organizations that could be injurious if maliciously false in nature.

    /end legal disclaimer

  47. Wow, you showed up quick, Mr. VanDyke. Have you been monitoring the thread? Surely not, or you’ve have answered my questions about LibertyMix. I will assume someone saw the legal things and called you, and you rushed to a computer to read the thread, and that’s why you’ve not chimed in thus far.

    But now that you’re here, could you spare a few brief moments out of your busy schedule to address my questions about LibertyMix, and possibly about Mr. Badnarik’s endorsement?

    Perhaps my concerns seem petty to you, or inconvenient, maybe even beneath you. Status reports, justifications for lateness, updates – those are something other people do.

    But take pity on me, if you could. I only seek answers. Where is LibertyMix? When will it be due? What happened to the preview for people who donated? How did Badnarik endorse a site he’d never heard of, with an endorsement he didn’t write, and then forget about it?

  48. What kind of libertarian runs for a lawyer at the first drop of a comment? What a democrat….I’d like to see this one played out in a court room, to be honest. Perhaps then some of the questions which people have raised would be answered. Seems as if Mr. Hacker is a might touchy to be involved in politics….

  49. Of course now he just looks like a whiner”¦

    Libel! Slander! He’s going to sue you!! Run for your life!

  50. I don’t want to be sued. I hereby retract my statements and proclaim:

    1) Michael Badnarik is the coolest guy ever and the best qualified candidate for any office for which he deigns to run
    2) Allen Hacker is not mentally defective in the least, and does not suffer from acute paranoia, nor delusions of grandeur
    3) Allen Hacker is the best campaign manager on the face of the planet on which we currently reside (which is Earth), not to mention a damn fine-looking man

    Please don’t sue me.

  51. Come sue me Hacker. I own very little and you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. You are the number one reason why I didn’t donate to Badnarik’s campaign. I rather contribute to those campaigns where campaign managers don’t mis-manage campaign funds. So stop being a little bitch and go back to scaming naive Libertarians who think their money is doing something.

  52. Quoth Chris Moore:

    “BTW, I always assumed either Tom Knapp or Steven Gordon wrote the letter”

    Ghost writers normally don’t publicly specify whom they ghost for or in what particulars, so I’m not going to tell you if you’re right or wrong. I am curious, however, as to what in the letter you think was a tip-off.

    As far as the Nelson-Hacker Cage Match is concerned, the proof is going to be in the pudding come November. Mike, your accusations have been heard. Those who believe them believe them already, and those who don’t aren’t going to start believing them on the basis of repetition. I’m not saying this in defense of Hacker — God knows he’s been a pompous nob about it as well — but is there some particular reason that you can’t put a sock in it for a month-and-a-half and THEN gloat if you’re proven right? That has the advantage of giving you more go-silent-and-run room if you’re proven wrong. I have an opinion as to which will transpire, but I’m not going to share it.

  53. Tom,

    Think about it. Nothing will be proven in November if we lose. There’s no intellectually honest way that people who said at the outset that we could never win can then blame it on anybody if we don’t.

    Certainly nobody wins in this silly little backroom game.

    Thanks for the call to civility.


  54. Allen,

    You’re correct — nothing will be proven if you lose. LP candidates lose all the time.

    That doesn’t mean that performance isn’t linkable to expenditure and activity, however. If the campaign produces results typical of historical LP candidate performance in that district, despite the expenditure of hundreds of times as much money, you’re going to roast over a metaphorical fire — and you’re going to deserve it, whether the cause was intentional malfeasance or simply unrealistic/mistaken expectations.

    There’s more riding on this election than whether or not Michael goes to Congress. You guys had the balls to raise substantially more money than any LP congressional candidate in history. If that results in a win or even a credible vote total, other LP candidates will be able to follow that fundraising — and electoral — path. If it results in a typical LP loss, the thwap of closing checkbooks will be thunderous. Personally, I’m watching instead of predicting. Good luck.