A Fair Idea For Jilted Purists

I really think that the LP needs the purists. Most of the purists I’ve seen are resolved to stay in the LP and fight for their ideals, but a few of them are thinking of cutting their losses. An LP they don’t control is an LP they want no part in.
However, there’s yet plenty of opportunity for them to further their ideals in the political realm, even outside of the LP. Purist Menno Troyer has the right idea, I think. Here’s what he had to say:

Up to now, I have been quite active in my local LP. The only reason I became politically involved in the first place is because I perceived the LP as a true Party of Principle regarding individual rights and sovereignty. It has now resoundingly lost that distinction. I now face the choice of either remaining affiliated with a political party whose platform no longer reflects my values, or opting for a path outside of politics altogether”¦
Thank goodness there exists an alternative for all of us who are newly disillusioned with the LP and the political system in general: Free State Project/ NH Underground! Please consider joining me in making a last (victorious!) stand for liberty in the Free State of New Hampshire, where the Second American Revolution has already quietly begun”¦ know what, maybe it’s not such a sad day for liberty lovers after all! www.nhfree.com www.freestateproject.com

Seth Cohn, another FSP member who’s made the move, had this to add:

It’s pretty funny to me, Menno, that here I am in NH, cheering the LP platform changes, as a sign of progress and reform so that moderates now control the party, and we can make political headway everywhere including in NH, and here you are, jeering the LP platform and calling for people to join the FSP and take a stand.
It goes to show that _both_ sides are working within the FSP”¦ The FSP is NOT just for those who are upset with the platform, but also for those who approved heartily of the change.

I think this is a great idea for anyone who absolutely can’t stand where the LP is heading. In New Hampshire, there’s so much activism that can be done. If you can’t stomach any of the main political parties up there, you could always donate money and activism to one of the libertarian policy groups (NORML, Gun Owners of America, NH Underground, et cetera). Or if you’re fed up with politics in general, you can donate your time and efforts to scholarships for private schools, or write letters to the editor, or whatever.
I stand by my opinion that the libertarian movement needs all libertarians out there to join its ranks and agitate for liberty. If some can’t do that in the Libertarian Party, well, find one of the other libertarian groups out there and make a difference.