A Candid Look at Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert interview with 60 MinutesBlogger onegoodmove has some really good video clips up of Stephen Colbert on the other side of the interview desk. They offer a great look at the personality and comedy team that’s brought us “truthiness,” a scathing WH Correspondents Dinner speech, and a biting satirical style that pokes at sensationalist news commentary of the likes of Bill O’Reilly.

David Letterman interview
60 Minutes interview

You’ll watch them with your eyes, but feel it with your gut.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I love Stephen Colbert and think he is an absolute genius. Wish he wasn’t a liberal though…

  2. Funny how people throw around terms like “liberal” and “pinko”. I wouldn’t call Stephen Colbert those at all. I would call him reasonable. That is what makes his show so funny. He points out how unreasonable our congress is, be Dem, Rep, or Ind.

    I think both sides should really get away from the labeling. It doesn’t scream intelligence.

    Colbert IS a comic genius. And that’s the Word.

  3. Actually Colbert is a registered republican. What makes him a liberal or a pinko? because he pokes fun of politicians? he actually makes fun of both sides but since republicans are in power they are getting most of the jokes.