Reasons to Force Straight Marriage on People

More from Reason (apologies in the posting below). Hit this link fast before the bigots in Colorado update their site. At this moment, they are promoting all of the great things about state-sanctioned hetero marriage with:

Coloradans for Marriage

That was a cut-n-paste screenshot. They seem to have nothing to say (until the wingnuts suddenly feel all the traffic hitting them upside the head) at this moment.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Added screenshot for even better visual yumminess.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. ROFLMAO! Leave it to a bunch of cross-burning Nazis to promote family values by legislating morality. Heck, thats not even thinking about the family, rather its forcing some kind of whacked out extremist Christian-fundamentalist rhetoric. Oh nevermind- the straight-marriage-only-or-else-MILITIA are too busy reading “Mein Kempf” and couldnt come up with their “reasons”.

  2. Let us not forget that effectively those whom do not believe in the practice of marriage for religious reasons (such as myself, as a factor of my being atheist and refusing to knowingly engage in any religiously based practice) are having our 1st amendment rights “indirectly” violated by this.

    We all have the right to practice what religion we believe in… yet… if you are of the sort that marries, you have a distinct societal and economic advantage in this nation.

    It annoys me, but… I will not abandon my principles.

  3. Wow some of you are insane. I thought this was a joke when i was reading it but after reading your responses i think you people need to relax. The copyright for the site is 2006, so at most its 4 months old. But it could also be as old as two weeks, ever think they just didnt finish everything yet? Wow imagine that, a site that is put up but under construction, if that doesnt make you a Nazi then i dont know what does.

  4. Oje,

    How, exactly, does this joke make one a Nazi? It seems the organization that we are poking fun at is much more closely related to the ideals of a Nazi than us. Please explain.

  5. Oje

    It is a freakin’ joke. The joke is on all the ‘phobes out there — don’t you get it?

  6. Hey, I’ve been married for nearly 12 years, and I can think of at LEAST one thing I like about it!

    =P =D

    That is funny, Steve. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. IMO, the Nazis were (and are) one of the most extreme conservative groups to walk the Earth. Next time I wont be so specific, and instead use “conservative extremist” or “right winged whacko” instead of Nazi, KKK member, and the like…. This is one of those topics that get under my skin and when I talk about these things I use strong language, or rhetoric. Furthermore, Ive had bad experiences with those who proclaim to be “born again” and such.

    While I see the Republican Party as Nazis, I see the Democratic Party as Communists. That pretty much sums up a long story of how I went from being a Democrat to being a Libertarian. I also admit I have plenty to learn.

    I understand if anyone disagrees with what I say, but hey, thats what makes the USA a great country… freedom of speech… Props to Steve Gordon and the mods and everyone for putting together a great blog and great discussion!

  8. Update question a day later: Don’t they even have people watching their web traffic?

  9. New Life Church is a big church, possibly America’s most powerful megachurch. Its Senior Pastor Ted Haggard heads the National Association of Evangelicals and has President Bush’s ear.

    Colorado Springs is also home to Focus on the Family with political arm Family Research Council, and many other evangelical Christian ministries, some more tolerant (Navigators) or less political than others.

    The Pew Research Center reports “96% of the public says they believe in God or some form of Supreme Being.” Understanding of large segments of the population is prerequisite for electoral success.

    Jesus said “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone…” (John 8:7 NASB–try ), an admonishment for all Christian leaders and followers.