Sob Story Sting Snags 9 High School Students

Kaitlin KeaneFalmouth, MA police are so hard up for work, they’ve had to resort to plots from 21 Jump Street to break up a nefarious “drug ring” of horny teenage boys who where willing to score marijuana and ecstasy for an undercover female agent. 23-year-old Kaitlin Keane, an employee with the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department posed as a senior at Falmouth High School and was known as “shy but always looking for a party.”

With a concocted sob story about a “mother dead and father chronically absent” Keane was always on the prowl for any dumb kid who could get her some some marijuana or ecstasy which she needed to “kill the pain”, even going so far as “smoking pot to gain the trust of student dealers” as one parent of an arrested student noted. Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings denies the allegation, but didn’t say whether Keane would submit to a drug test herself (which would certainly slam-dunk the tactics as entrapment).

Some, like Matthew Machera, the former Suffolk assistant district attorney, are incredulous. Saying he’s never heard of police doing such undercover work in high schools he called the tactic used in the Falmouth bust “outrageous.”

“What strikes me as odd is if it was so prevalent, why did an undercover police officer have to dig so deep?” he asked. “As a prosecutor I wouldn’t be comfortable with this. Why should she have to make up a sob story? That’s something you’ll have to explain to a jury.”

[image credit: BSC’s Mentors in Violence Prevention Team — April 2002 Bridgewater, Massachusetts]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Ever heard of the STASI? “The Stasi’s influence over almost every aspect of life in the German Democratic Republic cannot be overestimated. Until the mid-1980s, a civilian network of informants called Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter (IMs, unofficial collaborator) grew within both Germanies, East and West. By the East German collapse in 1989, it is estimated that the Stasi had 91,000 full time employees and 300,000 informants. This means approximately one in fifty East Germans collaborated with the Stasi, one of the highest penetrations of any society by an intelligence gathering organization.” Soon your children will be reporting your thought crimes to Uncle Cheney.

  2. Secret police? Hmmmm
    Hey, I got an idea.
    How about we stick undercover cops inside the White House.
    That way we can nab ’em when they do stupid illegal
    things like invade Iraq and out CIA agents during wartime.

  3. She’s blonde, mid-20s, hanging around a high school…did she sleep with any of them?

    And $351 cash is a big enough deal to warrant comment? Uh-oh, I’m in trouble…

  4. She must be soooooo proud of herself…she probably has to remind herself daily of how important it is to protect kids from drugs by arresting them and putting them in jail alongside murderers and homosexual rapists riddled with Hep C and HIV. Such a class act, she is. (Gagging sound)

    The only good thing about this is now her face is known. I suppose this means she will wind up becoming another itinerant cop-for-hire like Tom Coleman of Tulia, Texas infamy; she can’t possibly hope to stay in Falmouth without some parent of the ‘stung’ kids making life ‘difficult’ for her.

  5. What a fucking bitch, I hope she gets numerouse STD’s. If I was a parent of one of the students arressted I would be plastering that ugly mug of hers all over town. I would get my son to make up stories about how she kept asking him for sex and to touch her. Nail her ass for being a pedo even if it was a lie. I bet this bitch was a nobody in high school, a wanker who now wants to get back at the “cool” people. She is probably to stupid to become detective and solve real crimes like murders so she becomes some drug school whore.

  6. I suspect almost all of you that blog or comment on this site are frequent controlled substance users (even possibly abusers). I don’t care a bit about the use or abstinence from drugs. It is not an issue with me.

    The passion about drug legalization and demand for availability expressed here leads me to believe the above is true.

    I agree all drugs, and I mean all drugs should be legal and readily available for different reasons than most of you. I want to cull the weak from society by implementing a basic tenant of evolution, survival of the fittest. Hopefully, the dregs of society that cannot handle their drugs will overdose and save us all a lot of time and money.

  7. Julian,

    I don’t use any illegal drugs.

    Some of the problems with the drug war are that:

    Seriously unconstitutional
    Has lots of people incarcerated uneccessarily
    Ruins lives
    Creates an underground trade (which is the source of most of the violent crime)
    Provides further excuses for the feds to violate additional rights

    I see this one in a Niemoller way: If I don’t defend their rights, by the time they get to me, there will be no one left.

    Apparently you’d prefer to be the last one standing (that is unless they get the final gunowners before they get to the final marijuana smokers).

  8. Stephen Gordon

    I live by a basic principle, you do what you want and I’ll do what I want. The only constraint is I will not do anything that will bring harm to you or your family as long as you do the same in return and if I were to, you can practice vigilante justice on me if you choose to do so. However, I can do the same. Call it the law of the jungle if you choose but I believe we would have less friction in society if this were so.

    I am not a social person but have my small circle of friends whom you probably can determine by my passions and history.

    The cops are way too involved in disputes but that is because representatives at all levels truly believe their sole duty is to be legislators (lawmakers), not to represent us so we just end up with more laws, most of which are beyond ridiculous. When was the decision made by our “lawmakers” that most citizens are stupid and don’t know what is best for each of us on an individual basis?

    We need to repeal many laws.

  9. Julian,

    No illegal drugs here, either. But it is difficult to accept that you honestly believe in ending drug prohibition, as you make snide over-the-top comments about giving children drugs and often accuse libertarians in general of being addicts.

    As I still believe you to simply be a slightly more constructionist version of a typical neo-con, I think your near-constant libertarian bashing is due to our opposition to your “right wing” Republican ideals. That or it is just breed-bating designed to call Paulie out for yet another episode of “My Way is Better than Your Way.”


  10. Artus Register

    I have explained my position before. I am not a neocon. I lean toward traditional conservatism concerning the economy, free trade and taxes. I am a constitutionalist concerning individual freedom and limits of government. I do not believe the Constitution is a living, breathing document. It says what it means and means what it says. It applies to all of us for all times.

    Now you fit me into a political system. I have done my homework and the closest fit for me is libertarianism.

    Paulie Cannoli is an anarchist and by definition cannot accept any structure and order in government, therefore cannot possibly accept the Constitution as a blueprint for us.

    The only option for Cannoli is a shooting revolution to destroy any semblance of our present system. I doubt there will be any argument from Paulie on this.

  11. Artus Register

    I may be wrong on Paulie Cannoli admitting we need a revolution. Paulie will be in a conundrum if she comes out of the closet because then she will be vulnerable to being watched by Big Brother as a terrorist or at the being a seditionist and traitor.

    There is no question in my mind that this site is closely monitored by Big Brother. I cannot go into details on how I know except to say I have been checked for some of my beliefs and the only way this could have happened and terms used were some of the same stuff I said here in jest.

    I am not afraid of Big Brother. Now I have said it. I believe there are trigger words, revolution, separatist and survivalist being some but not all.

  12. Julian,

    Unlike some others, I welcome your help on issues we agree on. I’m not sure why you chose the LP as “the closest fit” for you as you are clearly a fan of undeclared (and there un-Constitutional) wars of empire and occupation, harbor obvious opposition to ending the drug war and bash libertarians with extreme takes on our general pro-liberty outlook.

    Before your last exit you ranted and raved about how this was not the place for you and how libertarianism in general was too leftist and extreme.

    That said, I’m glad you’re here to raise hell about the pro-freedom issues you hold dear. I also think that while your constant debates with Paulie are fervent to the point of absurdity (on both sides), they may fuel the movement to reform the Party.
    Hell, I’ll just post on this…

  13. This lady is straight up Scum, she make her life revolve around getting teenage kids arrested for some bullshit, most tose kids are nicer than any1 she’ll meet, and she’s gunna put them in jail instead, phat thanks, now the next time i see jawn he’ll have aids from gay rape…..Thanks a lot i hope you kill yourself, get the real drugs and get out of highschools you fucking loser.

  14. Mission Acomplished, she got some pot.
    There are your tax dollars at work.
    I could see if they put a narc in the school, to overhear drug talk, seems more like a police tactic, but to ask around and have some pathetic back story is just low.
    High school is the time of kid’s lives to experience real life. So let all these kids grow not to trust people.
    “I’m so glad these kids are out of the school, its a safer place.” A pure fairytale is what these parents see. Getting these handful of kids out is like going to Iraq, and shooting 9 hostile people and leaving. Your not scratching the surface. The war on drugs will never be won. People make me sick.

  15. Perhaps the local department didn’t have the resources to go after the “Big Fish”? Instead, community monies were used in a frivolous–pointlessly ineffective–parody of justice. It’s easier to flash power in the face of high schoolers than established drug dealers, I suppose.

    This situation could almost be comedic, if it’s aftermath weren’t so disturbing.

  16. First off not one person in Falmouth High will say that they learned something from this. Every new kid that is coming to falmouth high is now being accused of being a knark and barely anyone wants to make new friends anymore. Lesson learned from this- Trust no one. If this kaitlyn keane was trying to help the school she didnt. She told these kids how bad her life was and how she needed to kill the pain?if she was actually doing the right thing to make the school better she wouldent have to make this whole wicked sad story to get drugs from people. If you happen to read this kaitlyn I hope you realize how many lives you have ruined by lying about your life to other people so they feel bad for you. Do you enjoy getting kids introuble?Id like to see you come to our school and tell us why you did this. I really would. Oh and another thing I think its pretty messed up how the cops in falmouth took one of the kids money and didnt report it. This whole situation is retarted.

  17. I am the mother of one of the underage boys who was caught in the sting.
    I have trouble eating, sleeping and thinking. This is tearing the fabric of our lives apart.
    When the cops arrested our son, do you know what they found in his room?
    Dirty laundry. That’s all. Because that’s all there was to find. NO drugs. NO money. NO paraphenalia.
    His drug screen the week before was negative.
    He is trying to turn his life around.
    When this woman first came to school he befriended her. He introduced her around.
    She repaid his friendship by harrassing him to get her drugs. She sat right next to him in two of his classes. I have to believe that he was targeted.
    The sting has extreme political overtones – having NOTHING to do with busting big drug dealers. They netted minnows.
    Our son made a mistake. All kids make mistakes. Usually he makes them all on his own and has logical consequences because of them.
    This time, he had help. he was encouraged to make a mistake.
    How will he ever trust again?

  18. what are you all freaks!??! she’s a cop doing her job. drugs are illegal, bottom line! she’s helping the Falmouth community from scumbag teenagers who feel it be necessary to use and sell drugs so hopefully someday they’ll be successful enough to one day collect carriages at the local Wal-mart

  19. Freaks? No, we’re far more reasonable than the freaks who argue that these teenagers should be thrown in prison because “drugs are illegal, bottom line!”

    It used to be illegal for businesses to allow whites and blacks to use the same facilities. But hey, it was illegal, so it must be wrong!

    You confuse law with right and wrong, and that is your mistake.

    As for the scumbag, her name is Kaitlin Keane. Remember it.