#3028 = Doug Is Great!

This is supposed to be post #3028, but luckily for you guys, I realized how drunk I was before I could click the “publish” button. Post #3028 is now the “Doug is Great!” blogpost.

The family and I went to Cabo for a long weekend. As we were leaving Thursday, I heard Doug Stanhope and his GF, Bingo, starting their interview on Howard Stern. Unfortunately, we arrived at Terminal D before it got going. Thankfully, my Sternfreak hubby switched from satellite to cable so we could turn back time OnDemand.

I was in the midst of a feeble attempt to teach my Ivy-league hubby some libertarian economics. (all due to an argument we had over breakfast- don’t ask.) I am uneducated but, thankfully, fate smiled on me when I found not only the few really worthy items needed, I heard the Stanhope interview replayed from the plasma in my bedroom. Doug and Bingo were awesome. (The starting point of “One Hundred Years Of Solitude” comes to mind.) They talked of lucidity and happiness and then got “Sirius.” Doug asked Howard if he was to run for office and then Howard talked about Stanhope ’08. Howard said that he agreed with Stanhope’s platform and then Stanhope said that it is the Libertarian Platform. He commented that everyone identifies with the LP Platform, but are too afraid to make it work.

At this point, Anil actually commented that I was “jizzin'” over the libertarian plug. He was right, but late. I explained that DS had addressed every issue better- but it was before HS and it was on HoT. I then asked my husband if he might register to vote. He said yes.

Somehow, DS made my ivy league hubby wish to conform. He would register to vote for one of the few honest people out there. The D’s and R’s have never interested him. He identiified with libertarian philosophy. He liked that Doug would dismantle the government until it was small enough that even he could run it.

Go figure. Economics degree from Princeton-without value, libertarian wife- important to placate at times- big-balled smartass making points that we all readily recognize- freedom. Politics are already Comedy Central fare, let’s now benefit from it.

  1. You know, this happens often enough that I have to wonder…

    What’s your poison?

    I usually go with whiskey myself.

    At any rate, good post. :)

  2. Ben Bernanke is from Princeton. Your husband’s economic “education” is probably nothing more than Keynesian indoctrination.

  3. economic education- sorry. I did ask him if Bernanke was one of his profs- the answer was no.

  4. WTF? You’re not old enough to drink!

    WTF? Yes he is (even if he was under 21, which he’s not). I’ve been drinking ever since I can remember and before that too – they used to give me vodka as a baby to keep me quiet in Soviet communal housing. Later, when I was six or so, me and my friends would steal some vodka and cigarettes from the construction workers forced to have jobs by the state – alcoholic bums drinking themsleves to death given extra vodka rations to work in Siberia – and we’d hide in the highrise housing project buildings they never seemed to finish, getting drunk. It didn’t take much at that age.

    Turning “old enough to drink” by the edicts of the state took half the fun out of it. Boortz is a swine, btw….

  5. …I turned 22 this past August 13th.

    Anyway, drinking laws are just ageist statism. Yeah. :p

  6. We left whe I was seven. I started first grade there, they start at seven. I lived first in Novosibirsk and then Irkutsk.

    That year they let about 50,000 people out, the crest of the third wave of emigration – the first was right after the revolution, the second in the chaos after WW2, and the third built slowly from the late 60s to the late 70s. A year after we left, they cut it off after Reagan’s election ended detente.

    My uncle warned my father against the initial plan of going to Israel – a few years there had cured him against Zionist romanticism. He now lives in the US. My mother had relatives in the US already, so after some weeks in a Moscow hotel, a short time in Austria some months in Italy we arrived in New York in 1980.

  7. Crazy… the things you learn.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Siberia ever since the Soviet Union fell. But yeah, Paulie, that does explain a lot-after seeing the horrors of untrammeled statism, I can understand and appreciate the reason for your hardcore purist views much better now.

  8. Doug Stanhope received a wave of favorable comments on his MySpace page after his Howard Stern interview. He reaches alot of people. Interesting.

  9. I really do hate to be the skunk at the LP garden party, but the lying fascist Neal Boortz is quickly becoming the face of libertarianism. He is Sean Hannity’s “libertarian” friend who gets airtime on Hannity’s radio show and he is the token “libertarian” on MSNBC’s Scarborough Country and Tucker Carlson Show. He gets more face time on TV than all other libertarians combined. This is in addition to his own radio show.

    Boortz has replaced LaRouche as the “libertarian” the average dimwit has heard of. The LP can redefine libertarianism to include Boortz’s right-wing cult members, but to what end? A 30% “Fair Tax”, endless wars of choice to combat hobgoblins, trading civil rights for national security, and bigotry don’t add up to liberty in my book.

  10. For the record, LaRouche ran as a Democrat. He didn’t finish in last place in all the primaries last time, either, but you never saw that reported in the mainstream press.

  11. I really do hate to be the skunk at the LP garden party, but the lying fascist Neal Boortz is quickly becoming the face of libertarianism.


    For anyone who doesn’t understand why this is a problem, check the links in 14. He is a menace. I hope Kubby gets the nomination to counterweigh the impression Boortz creates about “libertarianism”.

  12. For the record, LaRouche has been incorrectly identified as a libertarian since 1992 when Time Magazine labeled him as a libertarian. If anyone here has ever done any LP outreach, I would be surprised if someone hasn’t mentioned LaRouche to you. As recently as last month, a guy who noticed a libertarian sticker on my car mentioned LaRouche.

    SEE: http://www.lp.org/lpn/9403-chair.html

    But now, Boortz has replaced LaRouche as the person that people identify with libertarianism. His right wing talk tadio show supposedly has five million listeners.

    SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neal_Boortz

    He also writes for Townhall, NewsMax and WorldNetDaily.
    To see what Neal really thinks of the LP, click here.

    More ranting about Boortz by me:


  13. “He gets more face time on TV than all other libertarians combined.”

    David Boaz and the Cato people are on TV quite a bit, actually.

    “Stanhope/Kubby 2008!”

    Ian, I have agreed with you on many things in the past, but I think a little vomit just came up in my throat when I read that. Maybe they can attract more combined media publicity than ever for any LP candidates when they get arrested for using recreational drugs together. Then even those who have never heard of us before will forever think libertarian = pothead. We still have a lot of new impressions to make and a lot of bad impressions to fix if we ever want to be taken seriously. Such a ticket would not be getting us off on the right foot.