200,000 AK-47s Shipped to Iraq; Now Missing

AK-47s lost in IraqDefense Department officials only seem moderately concerned (via Sploid):

Orders for the deal originated with the U.S. Department of Defense. But the work was contracted out via a complex web of private arms traders.

And the Moldovan airline used to transport the shipment was criticized by the United Nations in 2003 for smuggling arms to Liberia, a fact uncovered by human rights group Amnesty International.

Amnesty chief spokesman Mike Blakemore said: “It’s unbelievable that no one can account for 200,000 assault rifles. If these weapons have gone missing it’s a terrifying prospect.” American defense chiefs hired an American firm to take the guns from the 90s Bosnian war, to Iraq. However, flights, which supposedly took off between July 2004 and July 2005 were not recorded by air traffic controllers in Baghdad.

A spokesman for the coalition forces confirmed they had not received “any weapons from Bosnia” and added they were “not aware of any purchases for Iraq from Bosnia”. NATO and U.S. officials have already voiced fears that Bosnian arms – sold by US, British and Swiss firms – are being passed to insurgents.

Anyone who’s seen Lord of War should be placing bets now on whether this was an accident or intentional. These days it seems plausible that our government-sanctioned arms dealers could be profiteering by selling arms to the insurgency at the expense of our own troops.

Stephen VanDyke

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