2 More Libertarians Vie For the LP 2008 Presidential Nomination

I’m surprised no one here at HOT had jumped on this story since Stephen Gordon did extensive blogging during Steve Kubby’s ordeal with the prohibitionist authorities. Austin Cassidy, over at Third Party Watch, has posted Kubby’s announcement


Photo by LEXX, Sky High Productions.

SEATTLE — Steve Kubby announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party nomination for President to more than 50,000 cheering fans on Sunday, August 20, at the 15th annual Seattle Hempfest in Seattle, Washington. More than 150,000 attended the event held in Myrtle Edwards Park on the shores of Puget Sound.

Kubby’s announcement of his Presidential candidacy was endorsed by an all-star cast of cannabis activists (shown from left to right in photo above): Eddy Lepp (Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens), Jack Herer (“The Emperor Wears No Clothes”), Ed Rosenthal (“Ask Ed”), Elvy Musikka (Federal Exemptee), Chris Conrad (“Hemp For Health”), NORML Director Allen St. Pierre and NORML Founder Keith Stroup.

“I’m running for President because I’m fed up with bad government, corrupt politicians, and arrogant officials. Like you, I’d like the government to support my liberty, protect and serve my family, respect my personal property and stop passing and enforcing laws that assume I have the intelligence of a child,” Kubby proclaimed to the thunderous approval of the Hempfest crowd.

Kubby for President
P.O. Box 50, PMB 199
Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352-0050
(909) 338-8215

Another candidate, Christine Smith, is a writer from Colorado. Her personal website is www.christinesmith.us Her press release follows:

Christine Smith Seeks the 2008 Libertarian Presidential Nomination


I would like to introduce myself at this time, since I am seeking the 2008 LP Presidential nomination. My political campaign website will soon be up; meanwhile I invite you to visit my personal website (link below) to learn more about me.

A little about myself: I am age 39, a resident of Colorado, and have had a successful career as a writer and author (with articles published in numerous national/international publications). I was recipient of The Outstanding American Award in 2002 and the Amigas Peace Prize in 2000. I was founder/president of a nationwide charity for 7 years, and have used my abilities as a public speaker and writer for issues I believe in. (I have much experience in public speaking, and have appeared as a guest on numerous radio talk shows heard nationally/internationally due to my writing.)

I am a natural leader and passionate about my LP politics. I am dedicated to growing the LP by reaching out to the American people with our platform; a platform which I think the majority of Americans will respond to if it is given to them by an articulate LP candidate. I have the abilities needed, and the willingness, devotion, dedication; I believe my ability to effectively communicate and articulate Libertarian solutions will generate greater national media coverage.

I am determined to build our party…educate the people…and make a positive difference through my service with the LP. I have given serious consideration to pursuing a major political office as a Libertarian since a position of leadership will permit me to work for the changes we seek in government; the more I have thought about it, after careful deliberation, I feel I could do the most for our party and our country by becoming our presidential candidate in 2008.

I am learning as much as possible through books and good conversations with Libertarians nationwide, and am planning my campaign now (radio/tv interviews, travel to LP conventions/conferences and other events nationwide, etc.).

Until my official campaign website is up, I invite you to visit my personal website to learn more about me: www.christinesmith.us My personal website receives approximately 25,000-30,000 hits per month from worldwide. I will soon have a separate website dedicated to my political campaign focusing upon my 3 key issues, platform, professional resume, and other relevant campaign material. Those who want to be notified when my political campaign website is up can email notification@christinesmithforpresident.com to be placed on the email notification list.

I look forward to speaking with and meeting many of you.

Christine Smith

It looks like we will have a wide range of choices vying for the LP Presidential nomination. It’s still early; some may drop out and some may enter later.

UPDATE:Libertarian presidential nominee candidate Christine Smith’s political
campaign website is now up: http://www.christinesmithforpresident.com

  1. Sorry guys—- I got the email from another libertarian and did not think to Snopes it.

  2. I got the email from another libertarian and did not think to Snopes it.

    Funny, that’s the first thing I do when I get an email from another libertarian.

  3. Oh no. I just looked at the christinesmith.us and this is not what we need. Unqualified. Model photos with her little belly sticking out? Yuck. Please don’t spend another minute givng this person publicity-she obviously is in it for exposure (not too much I hope)- yuck.

  4. Oh god no! Not a woman who dares show her belly! She should campaign in a Burka, or at least something which makes it impossible to determine whether she is in fact a real woman.

  5. Also, what do you consider qualified? I consider the current white house resident to be unqualified. Really, it will be a good day when it won’t matter at all, because the presidency and the rest of the regime will become so inconsequential. But in the meantime, most things which make candidates “qualified” should really count against them.

  6. My blog The Next Prez is tracking all of the contenders for the Libertarian, Constitution, Green, Republican, and Democratic parties, as well as independents and other parties.

    I post monthly polls for each party, and a mock ballot with one candidate from each party. The September polls will be up shortly and will include all 10 announced LP candidates.

    Please stop by to vote or to comment.


  7. Sounds good to me. The best I can think off the top of my head would be either Kubby-Ruwart or Kubby-generous rich person.

  8. Stanhope is the only candidate who is approaching the race correctly. Regular people, i.e. not us, don’t care about traditional platform issues, and one thing they damn sure don’t care about is the Constitution. Stanhope is presenting the issues in the right way and his candidacy has the serious potential to envigorate the youth.

    I have said it many times and I will say it again: The LP will grow from the youth and liberal converts. Conservative Republican converts will destroy the party unless we stop them.

  9. I hope that was a joke. If such a ticket were nominated, I would immediately leave the LP. I’m sorry, but as the recent Starchild article pointed out, there is a line between advocating the legalization of vices and advocating the vices themselves. Whether or not they are “advocating such vices,” it will only continue the LP’s slide into “jokedom or immorality” in the average voters’ eyes.

    I’m sorry, but when just over a year ago almost the entire ExComm of one state sat in a hotel room smoking weed (probably without the hotel owners’ permission, and thus violating the owners’ property rights and creating huge liability risks), it was my first realization at why the LP could never succeed politically.

    How can we expect to be taken seriously by the average person in advocating, say, the end of the drug war, if we are all drug users? How does that look to your average voter? Of course we want them to be legal…we use them! And we don’t want to get in trouble! (cont’d)

  10. I have said it many times and I will say it again: The LP will grow from the youth and liberal converts. Conservative Republican converts will destroy the party unless we stop them.

    u-a got it right. That’s actually why I like Kubby. Stanhope sounds good too, although I’m not sure about all his views yet.

  11. It’s not difficult to see that by being a complete teetotaler and not partaking in any “vices”, I am far more convincing to the average person when I talk to them about ending the drug war or legalizing prostitution than a Starchild or a Doug Stanhope would be, because they won’t shut me down immediately. I have no big skeletons in my closet at all, and the fact that some LP candidates feel the need to either blare their skeletons honestly to the world or hide them until they are discovered makes me ask why we can’t find any candidates without skeletons or baggage. It’s just…unprofessional.

    Were I running a party, I’d rather not run a candidate than run a bad candidate. The sum of all the candidates’ combined baggage makes us simply look terrible, even at just a face value glimpse. It’s kind of sad that this is supposedly the voice for liberty, and yet we all wonder why liberty is slipping away. I have not been in the party too long but it is no longer shocking to me.

  12. If you want to get in the ketchup business, you don’t make your stuff taste like Heinz and package it in clear plastic bottles. You’ll get crushed. Successful marketing requires differentiation.

  13. Chris and Nick,
    You’re both right. To continue to torture the analogy, while you don’t want your ketchup to be just like Heinz (otherwise there’s no reason to switch), it also has to be recognizable as ketchup (not a bottle of pancake syrup) or you’re not really competing in the ketchup business.

    Switching gears, the LP’s strength is in positioning itself as a fresh, clean alternative. Remember back when the tobacco lawsuits were big news and people found out how many additives were being put in cigarettes by the major tobacco companies? Winston and American Spirit seized on the opportunity to sell cigarettes by touting the 100% unadulterated tobacco.

    With the entrenched parties corrupt and spineless, we can position the LP as all the liberalism of the Dems and the conservativism of the Reps, with none of the poisonous additives of corruption, special interests, and big government, nanny-state bullshit.

    Yours truly,

  14. To completely rip up the analogy, the LP has got half of it’s membership calling for the end of ketchup as we know it, and then complaining that the other half just wants to sell ketchup itself, and is just selling out to Heinz and DelMonte.

    (BTW, the above Stanhope/Miyagi ticket was a joke…Talk about a bad ticket to run….)

  15. And another half of the membership wants to sell really good, spicy ketchup. They know their target market and intend to aggressively go after their niche, while others complain about how they should focus on selling watered-down ketchup to those who prefer their ketchup bland, and take on Heinz and DelMonte head on with 1/10,000th of the marketing budget.

  16. you’ve been selling good spicy ketchup since 1983 and had a total free hand in doing so – and you havent sold any! :/

    there were no “reformers” or any opposition to total control over the LP by the Chris Moores and the Paulies from 1983 onward. You had the LP all to yourselves, controlled it lock stock and barrel.

    How come you didnt sell any ketchup?

  17. not you personally, but those of your views, ya know, the good spicy libertarianism?

    It Didn’t Sell…. not exactly a biased observation it seems to me. It’s confirmable by about an hour of study of LP history at the most. It failed to sell, and there were no reformers muddying up the waters at that time. Everyone was on board.

    The first LP reform effort I am aware of appeared around 1999. So the LP had 16 full years of unmolested time to do so.

    how come no/very little libertarianism was sold? The historical record is pretty clear and pretty easy to find.

  18. Welcome to our Party, Mimi! I think you have found your true political home. We quarrel alot with each other but we love liberty.

  19. Tim let me inform you. There have been numerous people trying to sell Ketchup, Catchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and relish all under the Libertarian banner for years.
    You name it the ideas, and philosophy have been twisted, turned and squeezed so tightly out of shape they make Gitmo look like a picnic.

  20. BTW I have been eating lunch with a group of women for the last six months at work. During that time I don’t think politics has come up for more than ten minutes. One thing they do though is to check the ads in the grocery flier that comes in the newspapers. They are keenly aware of the cost of living.
    Sadly to say the LP has yet to produce a candidate for prez who is willing and able to speak to people about dollars and cents. And yes we can keep our ideals while doing so. The AmericanRevolution was about money and many elections since that time have turned on economic issues, but we libertarians don’t seem to get the message. We are $66 trillion in debt. Have spent about $20 trillion on stationing troops overseas since 1945. How are you guys going to pay this debt off?
    Given who I see running I may just stay home.
    “The art of communications is the language of leadership”.
    I saw that recently. Don’t know who said it. But they were right.

  21. “It Didn’t Sell”¦”

    You missed this VERY important point from my original post:

    “… and take on Heinz and DelMonte head on with 1/10,000th of the marketing budget.”

    What have “reformers” done to achieve some sort of parity when it comes to marketing budget. You can have the best damn ketchup in the world, but no one will buy it if you can’t market it. The various people who have run the LP since 1983 haven’t figured it out. That’s why the LP hasn’t had “success”, as you would measure it. “Reformers” claim it is the platform and the pledge that were the problem. It is and was not. It is and was the lack of money.

    If your marketing budget is tiny, then you need a niche.

  22. What kind of success do you expect? The LP has done better in terms of sustained longevity, number of candidates, overall votes (for all its candidates) and people in office (albeit mostly minor office) than other third parties. It has pushed formerly extreme ideas further into the mainstream; it has made some people aware of libertarian philosophy and ideas, and of other aspects of the movement. The fact is that in a winner-take-all system, with ballot access barriers, it’s very difficult – quite possibly impossible – for a third party to break through. The only time it happened was when one of the major parties collapsed. The LP has its place, but it’s not going to become a major party no matter how much you water it down. All you will have achieved is to remove a real libertarian choice for those who still vote. We won’t be able to even have a protest vote within the system. For some, that may cause them to take more radical steps outside the system, so it may be a good thing.

  23. This Christine Smith person needs to get the right team in place if she wants a shot at least the second round in the convention. Sad to say, but given the fact that she’s not that unattractive might get her there.

    If she models in the presidential-looking attire of say, HRC, I bet that would make her that much more appealing.

    Ten LP presidential candidates? Bah. It’ll dwindle down to about four, and if Stanhope is still around, he’ll get the nomination…it’s time you guys in the LP get a “Ralph Nader” and really put the LP on the radar.

  24. If she models in the presidential-looking attire of say, HRC, I bet that would make her that much more appealing.

    That would be dull. How about a hair-pulling, no holes barred jello cage match?

  25. My only concern about Steve Kubby is that he comes off as a single issue candidate. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard him talk about anything besides the drug war. Yeah, I agree with him that the drug war is an important issue and it is a sham and ought to be called off but there are other important issues that should be discussed.

    Harry Browne talked a lot about the drug war but he also talked a lot about other issues like abolishing the income tax and getting the government out of Social Security as well as other issues. Michael Badnarik spoke about a variety of issues as well.

    I don’t like the idea of candidates focusing on one issue only or only reaching out to one group. If the Libertarian Party is ever going to be successful we need to reach out to all groups. I agree that over the past few years with a Republican president and the war in Iraq it has been a good time to reach out to the anti-war left, and I agree that the LP has done an overall poor job at this,

  26. however, keep in mind that if we end up with a Democrat as president the pendulum will swing back in the other direction. The Libertarian Party is not “right wing” or “left wing” so I don’t think that it is good to cater to either “side.”

    Nothing against Kubby, I voted for him for govenor of California back in ’98 and he may turn out to be a fine presidential candidate, I’m just hesitant about him being a single issue candidate that goes on and on about the drug war without giving fair time to other issues.

    Anyone know if Aaron Russo is going to run again? If his movie “America: From Freedom To Fascism” takes off it could be great publicity for a presidential campaign. Aaron came off as a little “rough around the edges” but I liked the passion and charisma that he displayed.

    If Michael Badnarik does well in his congressional race in Texas then maybe he should get the presidential nod again.

  27. I was indicating that if Michael Badnarik got a high (at least by Libertarian standards) vote total in his congressional race but not quite enough to win. Making a good showing of himself in a race for Congress would make a good arguement for him being the presidential nominee again.

    If Badnarik actually wins the congressional race that would be fantastic, and yes, I agree that under this scenario it would probably be better for him to hold on to try to hold on to the seat than to run for president. As a congressman he’d be in a good position to promote whoever the LP’s presidential candidate turned out to be.

  28. I don’t believe Kubby is a one issue candidate, and the last thing the LP needs to worry about right now is tilting too far to the left, but if and when that happens I’ll let you know.

  29. If Kubby could raise several million dollars from the marijuana legalization crowd that would increase his viability as a presidential candidate. Can he do this? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  30. Quantitatively the poll is not very useful. It isn’t quite a push poll, but it was conducted via a robodialer. That means that their was no human asking the questions. Those polled pressed buttons after being prompted by a recording and no option was given for undecideds.

    Most pollsters suggest that this type of polling increases the margin of error by at least a factor of two. So we’re talking +-8%.

    But qualitatively it shows the Democrat in the lead for 2nd place. It makes the Badnarik campaign look a little silly calling for Ankrum to withdrawl.

  31. If you go to kubby.com and scroll down the left hand margin, you will see “Kubby on Politics” defining a range of issues. He is not a one-issue candidate.

  32. I think the more people find out about libertarianism, the less they consider it as a viable choice. to vote for. It’s pretty much that simple. Too self limiting a philosophy to ever succeed in building a broadly based political party round. Hate of the government simply wont get you there.