You put the stickers on, you take the stickers off…

…You waste the taxpayer’s money, thumping bibles in the South.

Cobb County textbook sticker removal

Looks like a federal judge has ruled on the anti-evolution stickers — claiming that evolution was a theory and not fact — stuck on science books in Atlanta suburb Cobb County, Georgia were “an unconstitutional endorsement of religion and ordered their removal.” The school board is paying 14 temporary workers $10 an hour to then remove the stickers that had been put in the books November of last year, helping the economy with “a compassionate conservative jobs program.”

The religious members of the school board have vowed to fight the judge’s ruling and also planned to feed the temporary workers to the pet dinosaurs they keep in the book of Genesis at their homes.

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. This is a real waste of taxpayer money. I am a Christian and don’t believe in evolution, but I would like to discuss the patriot act or national id that the religous right do nothing about. It is time to get the government out of education.