WTF, Over! – Vic Blazier

This OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) Veteran, Vic Blazier, echoes sentiments on the Iraq war perfectly.

From his blog article “Wet Tea Used To Be Patrtiotic”:

Suppose the Peoples Pinko Republic of China preemptively invaded the United States of America, with or without UN approval, under the auspices that we Americans possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (we do) which we refused to yield (we don’t), and that our head evildoer (he is in my opinion) presided atop a corrupt, torturous, human-rights violating regime (he does -my opinion again)…

… I’m convinced that after about two years of purple finger tips, midnight home invasions, obtrusive cordon searches, ugly Bremer Barriers, persistent utility failures, inhumane raising of cities, and of having communism and all the good that it brings to China forced on me at gunpoint, I’d start getting a little pissed off. Bring it on! This is MY country. You want it, you’re going to have to fight me and my indigenous buddies for it. As a patriotic American I’d do whatever I had to in order to protect my family, my neighbors, my town, and my people. I’d organize with others who share my nonconformity in an effort to uproot the occupying forces. In short, I’d get medieval on em’. Wouldn’t you do the same? In this scenario, God forbid, wouldn’t it be time again for all good men to come to the aid of their country? Shouldn’t the people in this occupied America start tossing barrels of tea into the water?

FUCK YEAH! If China or any foreign power was occupying us, you can be damn sure that ordinarily non-violent Citizens like myself would go apeshit and try to off as many of them as possible, in any way shape or form. So why are we so amazed that this is exactly what is happening in Iraq? It’s amazing how the word “insurgent” seems to be synonymous with “Iraqi Citizen who fights back” isn’t it?

His closing signature tag explains clearly that the “if you don’t support the war, you hate our troops” argument is complete bullshit.

Anyone reading this blog entry and thinking I’m applauding or encouraging the death of American service members, or anyone else for that matter, is WRONG. I detest any and all loss of life due to this war in Iraq and I blame Bush and his ilk for creating this situation with lies, ignoring his military advisors, antagonizing the enemy, not admitting to his many errors, and failing to adjust his faulty foreign policy in ways that would end the steady stream of lost lives. I support our troops by demanding their valuable lives not be wasted on this fruitless war. After all, I was one of them, over there. -VB

Bookmark this puppy and send it around folks. It’s a perspective that is often not heard.

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  1. Good analogy. It’s pointless to have US troops in Iraq. I want our troops home (and Iraqis want them out of their country). Whatever happens in Iraq, let it happen. It’s not our business.