Why I’m Ecstatic Over the Iraqi Elections

Iraqi electionsWe recently received an email from a reader challenging us to write something positive about the Iraq elections:

How about the elections. I’ll bet the farm not a one of you can write a blog putting a positive spin on the elections. It would go against your antiwar stand to even admit that anything has gone right.
The challenge is made. You may say something slightly positive but will offset it with mostly negative comments.
Try being positive at least once. I’ll bet the troops there would appreciate it instead of having to read negative comments about them and the Iraq war.
Write a whole blog positive about the election. How about it?

So here it is. There will be absolutely nothing negative said in this piece about the elections, the occupation of Iraq, the troops or anything of that nature. Nothing but positive accolades… are you ready?
Let’s face it, liberal, conservative or libertarian: you have to be happy that Iraq is holding some legitimate elections to elect their own representative government. I’m absolutely jubilant that violence is finally subsiding enough that millions of Iraqis were able to vote without fear of retribution on their choice of candidates out of about 5 major parties.
Why am I so overjoyed?
Because if it can happen in Iraq, maybe it can happen here.
I look forward to the day when we are finally able to extricate our military from the streets of Iraq and bring them back home to the U.S., so that they can topple our own two-party duopoly who have manipulated the legislative system with mickey mouse laws limiting the choices for who can run for office, gerrymandering of districts, corruption and intimidation at the polls. Because by gosh, I’m absolutely purple with jealously over how much choice Iraq has.
I want our troops to give to Americans what they have given to Iraqis:
Choice in candidates – I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy living in a country run by Dem and Dumber. There’s plenty of parties other than Democrats and Republicans, but due to the laws that they wrote to facilitate the continuing two-party choke-hold, you may have never heard of them.
Ability to run for office – How about a cruise missile to the Ministry of the FEC? If Bill Gates or Donald Trump wanted to bankroll their favorite candidate with millions of dollars (with the caveat being they will not receive government favors), then by all means let them.
Faith in results – Let’s dispense with this paperless Diebold voting computer malarkey. If we can’t verify the results aren’t being tabulated accurate and the machines are unhackable (this means mandating open source code), then that machine won’t be used;
Faith in leadership – Maybe, just maybe if we had elections in the same spirit as Iraq, we would have a far more representative system where a wider spectrum of opinion and policy is presented. I know I have a lot more faith in a product if it’s subjected to peer review, and I’d sure as heck have a lot more faith in my government if there were more than two sides presented on every issue.
So there ya go reader, you wanted my positive assessment of the Iraq elections, you got it. I’m absolutely ecstatic that the Iraqis have a cavalcade of representation to choose from, I certainly hope we can learn from them.

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