Where’s the Celebrity Outrage?

nullAs I write this article, there are 8,750 references to “Tookie Williams” with this Google News search. By the time you read this, there will likely be more. There is another black man on death row in Mississippi who only has 21 such references to his name (this should become reference number 22). This man is very likely to be totally innocent of everything but trying to defend the life of his child.

The latest articles provide that Tookie’s funeral was attended by by a host of celebrities. One wonders if they could care less if an innocent man dies, as it would not receive the ink and camera time that the Williams funeral provided. One example provides:

Other guests included rapper Snoop Dogg, Bianca Jagger, Minister Louis Farrakhan, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Williams’ longtime supporter, friend and advocate Barbara Becnel.

I have yet to hear any of these people coming forward to defend Cory Maye. According to the aforementioned article, Bruce Gordon (no relation) said:

“It is not a just justice system when it comes to people of color,” said Bruce Gordon, executive director of the NAACP who spoke to the gathering by phone. He pledged the NAACP would work to seek a moratorium on the death penalty in every state.

Where is the NAACP on this issue?

Rudy Langlais, who produced the film “Redemption” about Williams’ life, gave a touching talk about the last hours of the former Crip’s life. He visited Williams that last day, when his hands and feet were shackled and a chain bolted him to a chair. He said that even on that last day of his life, Williams spirits remained high, that he assured his visitors his soul could not be destroyed.

There is no redemption required in the Maye case, as he was most likely to be absolutely innocent in the first place. But it seems that no one cares unless it sells movies or such.

Minister Farrakhan then delivered an hour-long eulogy to thunderous applause. “They took the physical body of our brother but his unconquerable soul is alive and well,” Farrakhan said. “They saw in Stanley Tookie Williams a potential threat, strong, muscular, fierce, a warrior.

Louis, another brother of ours is going to die, and Maye is a lot better poster child. I’ll add that Maye is not just a brother to people with a greater level of melanin than I have, but to people from all across the political and racial spectra who truly believe in justice.

He read a poem he wrote, titled “Until We Meet Again” which was met with applause. Snoop Dogg promised to carry on Williams’ message and said his death launched the beginning of a peace movement that he would work hard to continue.

I’ll take Snoop at his word for the moment. If he really means what he said, we’ll see some statement from him or his friends in this new peace movement about Cory Maye over the next few days. If he or his movement require any additional information on the case, my contact information is readily available here. To hear the guy who broke the story, simply tune into Alan Colmes tonight (Wednesday) at 11pm ET.

For those in Hollywood and D.C. who are only after the media attention, the timing of the Wiliams execution was perfect, as you can go home in time for for Christmas. While most of us will be spending time with our loved ones over the holidays, Cory Maye will spend his day on death row in Mississippi very cold and very alone.

Most celebrities and politicians I know do frequent checks of their own names on Google News. Those that don’t have their staff or a publicist do it for them. With the posting of this article, a claim of “I didn’t know” from certain members of the Hollywood or Washington crowd will no longer be an excuse the American public will buy.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. You may not want the celebrities that supported “Tookie” (the murderer) Williams involved with the Cory Maye case.
    It seems they were unable to save the murderer.

    You may want to attract people that have no axe to grind. Many of those that supported Williams are too radical.

    The NAACP or Southern Law Poverty Center seems to be the logical organizations to at least fight for a judicial hearing or a new trial for Mayes.

  2. I look across the bay at the prison that he was executed at and I cringe. BTW: when do I get my name showing up for google news? Huh, I deserve recognition too. I mean, I’m writing this commment, right? God damn celebrities.

  3. i think that it is sad about what is going on in this world. Our bible tells us that if we live by the sword that we die by the sword. I’m not passing judgement on this brother but in everything we do we have to pay the cost. What that cost will be only time can tell. I know that our police officiers are not fair when it comes to crime but their day will come also. I don’t know what it feels like knowing that i took someone’s life (intent or not) but there has to be a price that i will have to pay. As i read his story my heart went out to him and his family. Yes- he may not get justice but as long as he has peace within his own heart can’t no one take that away from him. i will continue to pray for this brother and send letters if need be. The man who died was a son of the police chief so that why this is happening like it is. The police chief needs to look beyond his son’s death and look at the facts. No amount of killing will ever bring his son back. He needs to let go and pray hard.