What if Not One Damn Dime Day Worked?

Decadent West riotsDecadent West asks the question and replies to itself in this hilarious depiction:

I’m scared, guys. I lost my real job at Virgin Megastore because nobody came into buy shitty CDs for the third straight day, and the company went tits up. Somebody shot Chip Vonnegut in the face for twenty bucks and a chicken wing. I saw a rabbi sucking some dude’s dick for gelfite fish and a ride to the desert. It’s fucking crazy out there. I guess when the organizers of the protest devised their brilliant scheme to shut down the economy for a day by not shopping at KMart or Wal Mart, they didn’t realize that they would start a chain reaction of panic and fear on Wall Street due to the sudden economic standstill that happened last Thursday, causing shares of various retailers to plummet and, in turn, causing shares of various suppliers of goods to plummet, creating a domino effect which seems to have culminated in the apparent destruction of the American economy. FUCK.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, some democrats had a hair-brained idea to punish Bush by not buying anything on his inauguration day. Bravo to DW for showing how fallacious the idea was (even though it obviously failed miserably) After all, did anyone really expect Bush-hating liberal beatniks to skip their daily latte double non-fat?

Stephen VanDyke

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