West Virginia: Drunk with Power

West Virginia grain alcohol banWest Virginia banned high-proof grain alcohol sales this week, citing bogus concerns by college officials that can be summed up by simply saying they don’t think people should be able to get drunk on the cheap (“you’ll notice that people don’t drink grain at a cocktail party”). Forget that college is where most people learned the Zen of Ramen noodles and note that they didn’t cite any actual cases of abuse.

Rogier van Bakel of Nobody’s Business retorts on the ban:

I’m sure it’ll be a terrible blow to college bars and frathouses everywhere, because now the kids have nothing to get drunk on. Except gin, vodka, bourbon, Jaegermeister, and about ten thousand other widely available alcoholic beverages.

Yeah, but now they’ll have to actually go buy a cleaning agent to remove the permanent marker scribbilings off their buddy in the morning.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Speaking in general terms and not about WV specifically, it seems they want to have it both ways — I remember a push to ban advertising for wine coolers because they had too LITTLE alcohol and young adults (or minors) would presume it was okay to “binge drink” them.

  2. The last time I remember drinking in West Virginia, Everclear wasn’t at issue. I was driving from the midwest to DC, and stopped at some hotel for the night. After checking in, I walked over to the local drinking establishment for a glass of my favorite bourbon. One sip led to another, and before long, I was getting pretty friendly with the regulars at the bar.

    While I remember the cost of the bar alcohol as being pretty inexpensive, the locals were engaged in further reducing the capital expenditure required to become shitfaced. They were sneaking free-market non-corporate Everclear into the bar, and mixing it with their drinks when no one was looking.

    I don’t know WV very well, but perhaps this ban on Everclear has more to do with protecting the local ‘shine monopoly than in protecting young people from one particular brand of alcohol.

  3. Their isn’t a ‘shine monopoly. There are some old farts that still make the stuff, but for the most part it’s a lost art.

    It is my guess that it is due to West Virginia University being labeled a “Party school”. Unlike the rest of the state, I have seen Everclear taken as a shot there many times. It is almost a rite of passage for them. The WVU alumnus in state government would do anything to get rid of that label. They could start by getting new students.