Weird Jeff Gannon “Connection” to Hammer of Truth

I don’t know what to make of this diary entry over at DailyKos, but apparently they are trying to establish whether Jeff Gannon (the fake White House journalist if you haven’t been following) knew about the Kerry non-affair story before Drudge, like I had (I scooped Drudge, I scooped Drudge, neener neener!).

Well, I don’t know whether he did or not, but I can go ahead and clear up a few obvious items they are speculating over:

  • I only used the “Son of Liberty” alias while posting at, the one on Free Republic isn’t me (though I probably would have been banned as well, heh). From the timeline Kos readers have presented so far, this looks like a dead end avenue for more dirt on Gannon. But don’t let me posting this discourage anyone.
  • The first time I’ve heard of JD Guckert or Jeff Gannon is the recent coverage it’s gotten. I do find it amusing that the liberals have found their own little right-wing Dan Rather to knock of a pedestal.
  • Lastly, my source is still not willing to divulge where the rumor started, and the name Alexandra Polier never came up during my interviews. From an IM conversation (source name has been changed):

    Stephen VanDyke:
    VanDyke: wow, that damn story is like the perennial whack-a-mole now
    Jose Perez: lol
    Perez: will it never go away?
    Perez: BTW, I’m officially unavailable for comment if anyone asks you about your source.
    VanDyke: it’s a dead story, I’m not going to say anything about it [ed- ok, I lied]
    VanDyke: yeah, I figured you didn’t want to… no one’s contacted me, I doubt anyone will
    Perez: And, to be fair, it was supposedly common knowledge on the Hill that Times was going to run a story about it … A Democratic friend of mine was upset about the fact that it would most definitely ruin the campaign …
    Perez: (Which is how I found out)
    VanDyke: I’m still curious where the damn rumor started
    Perez: Agreed.

As you can see, I’m not very enlightened myself as to all the details. Anyways, I hope the lefties at Kos aren’t dumb enough to lump me in with the likes of Gannon, because I can be a very angry libertarian when provoked.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Hello, Stephen? This is Alberto, from over at Dkos, I started the diary you cited above as part of the Guckert-related inquiries going on over there. First off, no need to worry, we lefties aren’t ‘dumb enough’ to confuse you with Guckert…the original idea behind the thread (and ones like it) was to examine how Guckert got his news – who had it first, how the information got passed along etc. Similar diaries are currently examining other news stories that Guckert covered, such as the gay John Kerry rumor and Mary Mapes with the TANG memos. As it turns out, the origins of the the intern scandal are particularly nebulous, so now my thread has really just turned into more of an exercise (and I need the exercise). Kudos to you for being the first to get it out there, and while we are a little disappointed that your source doesn’t want to come forward (confidentially, to one of us, handsome reward…eh? eh?), it’s not surprising. Thanks for clearing up that bit about the other Son of Liberty at Free Republic, just a strange coincidence I guess. Ohya, the Dan Rather comparison – what I think we’re trying to do with Guckert isn’t make him an example for other conservative commentators or just out him for the fun of hit – the thing that started these investigations was the Plame identity leak, which could have potentially serious legal repercussions. Basically, we are hoping that by examining lower-level targets like Guckert we can expose some of the machinations of the administration’s media machine. I’m surprised you discovered my little thread so quickly – actually, my first one over at Dkos. I hadn’t heard of you before this afternoon, but I’ll be sure to stop over here more often. And of course, feel free to drop in at Dkos any time. Thanks very much for your time and good luck to you and Mr. Perez.


  2. Speaking of Plame…have you got any ideas? How about Mr, pardon, Senor Perez? Eh? Ehhhhhh?