We need your donation, three days ago…

New Jersey PawlowskiToday I received a letter from the campaign for the election of Jeffrey Pawlowski, a Libertarian running for Governor in New Jersey, asking for donations of at least $30.00 before August 26th… Yeah, that was several days ago.

The letter was dated August 12,2005 and I JUST received it!? The letter states the campaign is trying to raise $300,000 before September 1st so Pawlowski can qualify for matching funds which, according to state law, would guarantee his position in the televised debates.

Well, I guess it’s too late isn’t it? Richard Edgar, chair for “Pawlowski for Governor” has some splainin to do!

On the front page of Pawlowski’s website an “Urgent Update!” is posted:

We’ve received many calls and emails from people that just received their campaign brochure. The letter says, “We need your donation before August 26th so that Jeff can be in the debates!”

The filing deadline is September 1st. We need time to process your donations and record the results. We need time to match your donation with your signature on the Donation Form. The sooner you donate, the more time we will have to make sure your donation is included in our deadline. Donations made after September 1 will still help the campaign to buy radio and print ads.

Please, donate as much as possible as soon as possible. Thank you.

I emailed the campaign for an explanation and to see if they made their $300,000 goal.

And the Libertarians wonder why they aren’t getting anywhere…

» Variation of the donation letter

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Looks like the Pawlowski campaign raised enough (by the skin of their teeth it seems):

Thanks to all your support, we are able to apply to be in the debates. We’re not out of the woods yet. The beaurocrats still have to examine our application, and we expect them to say we are not eligible. We may have to bring suit against NJ ELEC to compell them to follow the law and let us participate.

This qualification process has also drained our bank accounts. We need your help now more than ever. We need to buy airtime, print ads, billboards, etc. If you already gave, you allowed us to apply to be in the debates. If you were waiting to see how we did, it’s now time for you to donate.

Oh, and I don’t know whether to laugh or be impressed by their selling of political influence on eBay. I mean hell, this is Jersey we’re talking about, but it looks like the mafia hasn’t quite gotten all high-tech on eBay yet, since the highest bid item, “Christmas Dinner,” is a paltry $63.32.

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