We get Blogbashed

It’s not often we here at Hammer of Truth are on the receiving end of negative criticism for the types of stories we post about (well, differing of opinions is a whole other beast). I like to think most of our readers are smart enough to realize that simply posting (even mocking) something doesn’t automatically translate into endorsement.

Apparently not so much with this blogger, who chooses to call us Hammer of Bullshit (which, incidentally, is where the cleverness of his exhaustive post ended) in regard to my writeup on the dubious quote of Bush calling the Constitution “just a GD piece of paper.”

I suppose I endorsed the veracity of the reporting when I called Capitol Hill Blue “the political rag that doubles as a tin foil hat” or when I used finger-quotes around the word “reporting” or when I followed up with an update pointing out the credibility gaps of CHB and a prior acknowledgement of being conned. No, indeed… let me fess up now and say I was indeed “endorsing” the article.

You caught me, Mr. blogger who’s schtick is to rip on the credibility of a post that’s ripping on the credibility of a news story. I’m betting you’d be a riot to take to the comedy club, I can only imagine the insightful 3000-word critique on how you didn’t get any of the jokes.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I freely admit I don’t have confidential sources in the House of Representatives, and I reiterate my request for any of them to come forward and verify this story.

    Especially if it’s true that disagreement is equated with disloyalty in this administration, then this as well needs to come out and be well documented.

  2. Yo, REV, I’m flying off right now ‘cuz the House just passed the Patriot Act. *&)%(*&% )*&0 )*&^*)&^)*R$%^$^%$%^%$^

  3. I have no way to verify the quotes in question. However, Bush’s actions certainly prove that he lives by the words which were attributed to him.

  4. Don’t fret, the defeatists got called “effete fucktards” yesterday by a self-described “classical liberal”. We were calling him out for supporting the Pentagon’s spy activities. Sometimes blogging brings out the worst in people.

  5. comandante,

    You might appreciate our defeatist attitude on this: We found a bigger loser than we are, so we decided a bit of promotion was in order.

  6. I am making it a practice to disbelieve anything that was supported by “my condidentional” sources. If the coward and spineless source can’t put their name to the quote, they are just another one of those pot stirring jelly fish who have a lot to say as long as they aren’t taking responsibility for their words. Politics always bring the crud at the bottom of the pond to the top to crawl around in the pond scum!