Vermont Pulls Out the Secede Card

Secede PicObviously this is more a symbolic gesture, but a group by the name of theSecond Vermont Republic is trying to garner support to secede from the Union.

The organizations goals are two fold:

Organizers of the convention say it has two objectives: First, to raise the level of awareness of Vermonters of the feasibility of independence as a viable alternative to a nation which has lost its moral authority and is unsustainable. And second, to provide an example and a process for other states and nations which may be seriously considering separatism, secession, independence, and similar devolutionary strategies.

Personally, I applaud their efforts. But you know there is not a chance in Hell that the federal government would not fight tooth and nail to prevent this from occurring. I mean, where else would people go and, um, ski in the winter? More importantly, this would give other states the green light to jump ship.

  1. I can’t say I support all their views like possibly becoming part of the U.N. But I guess if they were somehow successfull we would probably see another civil war, the government won’t give it up because it would start a trend and all they could govern would be D.C.

  2. Then again, who would have imagined as late as 1988 that the Soviet Union would peacefully break up? Moscow was in chaos, the government was financially destitute, and the economy was in shatters due to the over-expansion of Soviet power. They couldn’t stop the various republics from going their own way.

    Hmmm. Sounds like the state of our Federal government today ….

  3. I hope they are successful. If they are, I will be the first to make the drive there and join the rebel army. We need to pass a Declaration of Independence here in Ohio, too.

  4. As I lived in the former Soviet Union – one of it’s states which is now an independent country I’ll say the Mike’s comment is perfectly correct.

    Nobody imagined it here as well. The colossus seemed invincible and although people were hoping for it – they were deemed pipe-dreamers.

    When 1988 and the phosphorite war (greens against the mines) started here in Estonia it soon turned into the Singing revolution which was completely peaceful.

    After the coup in Moscow when Gorbachov was arrested and the generals tried to take over and the tanks rolled in – most people saw it as a vain attempt because the belief in the system was gone and it was seen as a vain attempt to secure the vanishing power. The generals in Moscow were old and visible shaken in the television when they said the martial law was put in place.

    There was a one day standoff at the TV tower where thousands of people flocked to give their moral support to people barricaded in the tower. The standof resolved peacefully and couple of days later one of the generals commited suicide and the S.U. was now more.