Using Dean as a Proxy for Advocacy in the DNC?

Reader Jeremiah writes:

Love your site… Im surprised you haven’t wrote anything about Dean yet. It looks like he is looking for ideas on how to better change the Democratic Party… I say that we get tons of libertarians to send in feedback about how to add to our freedom and lower the size of government in our country(disguised as democrats, of course:).

Well, I think we have much to learn from the Democrats on Internet organization (I screamed at Fred Collins to read The Revolution Will Not Be Televised during the campaign). On the other hand, I don’t think Democrats will ever reasonably address core libertarian issues such as taxes, smaller government and entitlement programs (just as Republicans will not properly address the social liberalism view of keeping the government out of people’s private lives).

While we could probably make some headway by astroturfing the Democrats with our libertarian requests, I think our efforts should also be directed at getting our own house in order (if a handful of prominant democrat bloggers could cause a DNC shake-up, then our own efforts surely could not be as difficult).

Once again though, politics and change boil down to money, and until we can get a critical mass of people who are going to tell the leadership that they aren’t going to donate another dime until some real change is made (or will start donating at all if there’s a new political viability), then we’re stuck sitting on our thumbs.

Now where did I put that mailing list with 23,000 college libertarians?

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

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  1. Hey Stephen and readers,
    I think it is great that you posted my thoughts. It may only change 1% of what the Democrats do for America, but that is 1% more in our direction. No hurt in writing some good ideas that they may use…
    After I sent that email I thought that what Dean is doing (looking for great ideas from the Party members, not just going with his agenda) would be great for the LP. I wish that the NLP would get their heads out of the ground and start to listen to us….. after all, WE make up the Party.
    Dean also talks about each individual state. We need to focus on strengthening each state also… all the great ideas (for example, like making the LP website actually be something useful) should be focused on in each individual state. Have you guys seen what your state’s websites look like?
    Also, libertarian commercials should be ran nationally (all year round)…
    I like your ideas, Stephen… I have thought up some ideas that may really work to our advantage. Democrats supposedly are against the war and against the war on drugs… what has the Democratic Party done for them lately except sit back while Bush is ruining the country ever more? We should have ads/commercials that state facts, such as: “Your party’s representatives are sitting back while soldiers are dying for a lie. We are fighting to end this war and we will truely promote peace. Join a true cause, the Libertarians!”(something along those lines)
    ALSO, for the war on drugs: “The Democratic Party doesn’t even fight for what their members believe in: ending the war on drugs. Do they stand for anything? Are they really representing you? Join the Libertarians, Join a true cause, see true representation!”
    Just some ideas… same thing can work for the Republicans (fiscal issues being a huge one)….
    We need to give the American people “Reverse Brainwashing.”
    We need to keep on feeding them our ideas like they feed us…. ads NEED to happen all year round. They need to happen in EACH state individually (all state parties getting their act together). It can even be possible that each state just focuses on THEIR problems/issues/freedom….. that way if one state is really seeing progress with what they are doing, then all other states will have a model to look at… or at least some great ideas that they can use. If anything, we wouldn’t be so overwhelmed trying to fix a huge country’s problems. I think that libertarians bite off more than they can chew. Amerika is a different place than in the 18th century(more people, more cultures, etc). True and powerful change in YOUR state will cause true and powerful change in the country.