U.S. Relations: Topical Analysis of Hypocrisy

Hit & Run wrote up a great post about the recent annual report (pdf version) from The United States Committee on International Religious Freedom, a body created by Congress to give recommendations to the State Department, which rattled off the 11 “most egregious violators of religious freedom” in the world (some aren’t limited to just religious freedom either).

Reason listed the countries and shone a little light on the irony of the government’s close ties to Saudi Arabia, but I think the list could easily be expanded properly. So without further adieu:

North Korea [Axis of Evil]
Iran [Axis of Evil, Most-Favored Nation (info)]
Sudan [strained]
China [Most-Favored Nation (info)]
Burma [sanctions]
Vietnam [Most-Favored Nation (info)]
Eritrea [this is a fake country]
Turkmenistan [Poster child for actual engagement!]
Uzbekistan [WoT ally, military aid]
Pakistan [WoT ally, military aid, home of Bin Laden’s summer chateau]
Saudi Arabia [WoT ally, military aid, backrubs, handjobs, etc.]

» Mr. President, Unhand That Intolerant Brute! [Hit & Run]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I was very offended to read the post that claimed Eritrea was not a real country.

    Eritrean independence was a hard won affair with countries like the United States, Britain and USSR conspiring against it.

    Our fight for independence was ignored by the world community while our civilians were massacred by American made napalm and Soviet made chemical gas.

    Thank you world community.