Update on Operation Clean Sweep

clean sweep pigAs previously covered here at the Hammer of Truth, Pennsylvania residents are pissed off with their state legislators… and they are not going to just sit back and take it this time.

They recently organized a ‘Rock the Capital’ rally to protest the exorbitant pay raise that the officials gave themselves at 2 a.m. on the last day they were in session, right before they left on vacation. Well do you like that? It’s funny how tax cuts can take years of debate before implementing, but a pay raise can be done in a single day!

Anyway, the protest drew in approximately 1500 people and of course, a 25 foot tall pig. They served a 129,000 signature petition to repeal the pay raises, which ranged from 18 to 54 percent and made them the second highest paid state legislators in the country (behind California).

Kudos to all of those that made it happen. It looks like the campaign to vote out every incumbent has been started quite successfully… I wish them the best of luck and applaud their activism.

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  1. I sincerely hope that they succeed. I hope they also realize the local politicians are not where the corruption ends. Perhaps they will turn their attentions toward the federal government. Let’s be fair…. let’s look at all 3 branches executive, legislative, judicial and their subsidiaries.

    Check your pockets and then check theirs. They are robbing us blind in more ways than one.