UN Declares Universal Ban on Revisionism

I’m not a betting man, but I always thought that we’d lose the 2nd amendment well before we’d lose that dearly held one mentioning speech, press, and apparently religion. Either way, if we lost either, we’d all still lose. But at least I’d make some money on some side wagers to pay off the cops to not arrest me for emphatically saying “our administration is full of uncaring douche bags”. But then again, maybe they’d agree and let me off anyway.

Well, the UN has decided to make things interesting. The simple ‘hate crime’ was so 90’s. On Nov 1st, they decided to kick it up a notch (their absurdity goes to 11) and pass what I believe is the first ‘thought crime’. The legislation? To make January 27th the “International Day of Commemoration in memory of the Holocaust.” Ok, that’s cool. Let them have their day in the sun. Fine. But there is a more sinister clause. The resolution:

“Rejects any denial of the holocaust as a historical event, either in part or full”

Woah woah woah – back up there fellas. They specifically decreed that they reject someone denying the holocaust happened? Most likely, this will blossom into a punishable offense. How absurd! What’s next? Is it going to be a crime to deny that God exists? What about making it a crime to believe OJ was guilty? How about believing that diet Dr. Pepper really doesn’t taste like regular Dr. Pepper? If given enough alcohol, I can also be persuaded to believe a lot of things! That is, of course, till the hangover kicks in.

But denying something exists? So what! Well the problem is that some of these “revisionists” are getting deported back to Germany to either re-educate themselves or go to jail. Remember, Oceania is at war with Eurasia. It’s always been at war with Eurasia. And don’t you little bastards think otherwise, or we’ll jail you!

This is not a question of whether these people are right or wrong, but if one can’t speak about it, then one can’t argue his case. If one can’t argue their case, then apparently truth is decided by legislators. Ugh…

  1. I applaud the UN for making this move. The world is going to hell in a handbasket at a faster rate of descent every year. Take out some of the hate that runs rampant all over the place, and maybe our trek to hell in gasoline drawers will be slowed.

    Why should these ‘revisionists’ be allowed to repeatedly rehash what is an extremely painful part of history for a lot of people? The Holocaust happened, no question about it. They just need something to direct their hate at, and for reasons I can’t fathom, the Jews were tagged HUNDREDS of years ago for it. Get a life, people! Find a worthy cause, like saving hungry kids from starving, or, if you just REALLY need a sinister agenda for your personal happiness, hunt down murderers and the bodies they have buried (maybe in YOUR backyard)! But please, history has happened, can we get on with it already?

  2. whyte:

    You might wish to keep in mind that a UN which can mandate their view of the Holocaust can just as easily mandate a view that the Holocaust (or any other historical tragedy) didn’t happen, too.

    Why not leave history to the historians, and leave the UN out of it?

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  4. Jewish lies have brought us so many wars in the past from the rothschilds to the present zionist neocon batch of butchers – war-criminal mass murderers, and if you doubt their fabulous “stories” about how many of them were gassed in impossible gass chambers they want to throw you in jail for twenty years…is this real??? or is this the new Jew-world-order, another pogrom against “the goyim”:(what they call nonJews…it means literally animals). The Kommisars are now going global folk WATCH OUT!

    [ed – racist much? I don’t remember Jews loading themselves in the ovens, dude.]