Trucker Strike Imminent?

I’ve waited on this story for about a day, because I’m still not sure just how legitimate the concern is or if it will actually play out. However, fundamentally it makes sense and could have some serious consequences for the USA economy. Truckers are getting reamed by high gas prices and long waits at the pump. Of course, the question of “What do they hope to accomplish?” arises. I don’t feel I have a clear answer on it. I imagine they are having some pent up rage as it may be cutting deeply into their paychecks. There is some speculation that oil companies intentionally closed refineries in an effort to hike profits, much like De Beers clamps down on the diamond supply. This happens in any situation where there is no competition. I’m not bashing the profit motive, it’s their right to do so as long as there is no strong arming people out via illegal means. But, it’s also the right of the truckers to protest. Will it prove anything? Well, it will certainly magnify the impact that gas prices have had on the American worker.

Now why is this important? Why do I even bother to bring this up? Well, our economy is already teetering on the edge of a housing bubble bursting, the “Death of the Dollar” on the minds of many, and Katrina sending anywhere from 300,000 to 1,000,000 to the unemployment line. A truck strike could be a further blow and cause price of food to rise considerably. Even if it didn’t, even the fear of such an occurrence would cause people to jam up the lines at Costco in no time flat.

If anyone knows any truck drivers that could weigh in on this situation, please call them and post updates under the comments section. If it turns out to be bunk, we’ll update it as a false alarm (because I’m not trying to be a sensationalist. I’m skeptical right now, but feel this would be a legitimate reaction). It’s also unclear at the present time what the scope of the strike would be, and that all depends on its momentum within the unions. If it is occurring, well, brace yourself for the media storm and “blame games” that will unfold.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Snopes currently has the strike threat categorized as ‘undetermined’ so it seems there’s some legitimacy, just not enough to know if this will actually happen.

  1. They would simply lose their jobs. Replaced by some trucker that IS willing to work. Either way, prices go up.

  2. Truckers who work for some large trucking company probably don’t have a whole lot of choice. What we’re looking at here is independent owner-operators, who own their own truck, and haul whatever they can for whoever they can.

    Go back into the truckers’ only section of your nearest truckstop, and you’re likely to see TV screens or kiosks where owner-operators can find loads to haul. From what they get paid for these jobs, they have to buy fuel, maintain their trucks, and make truck payments, mortgage, food…

  3. As an independent driver, I know firsthand how devastating these recent fuel prices have been. I used to fill my truck for about $ 350 to $ 400 weekly. Now it cost me about $ 375 per fuel tank and usually about $ 800 to $ 900 a week. When I started as a owner-operator about ten years ago, fuel was about 25% of my cost. Today it is about 50% of my cost. I really believe that a strike would actually catch someone’s attention to the hurt that we as small businesses are feeling. I personally would stand behind a one or two week strike. If anyone feels like I do, let’s get together and push for this strike that I’ve been hearing about on October 31, 2005.

  4. I heard about this possible trucker strike today at our local Walmart by an enployee. I was looking at two way radios when an emplyee approached & asked me if ‘I knew something”. Seems there has been a run on two way radios, hmmm, people are getting ready for something, things being what they are. He told me he had heard a rumor of an imminent trucker strike. So, yes or no, what gives?