Today’s Tidbits

Free speech at risk online, says study:

Website owners and remix artists alike are finding free-expression rights squelched because of ambiguities in copyright law, a recent study says.

Well, duh!


Was I the only one who thought it sounded stupid? Army drops ‘Army of One’ ad agency, but apparently not because of poor recruiting rates:

Boyce said the decision to drop Leo Burnett had nothing to do with the fact that the Army missed its recruiting target for the budget year ended Sept. 30 for the first time since 1999.

My take is that advertising for “one” was a failure because few individualists are going to stand in line to be harrassed by non-coms then shot at by insurgents.

Everyone seems concerned about Condi’s sex life lately, including Condi. She may not be gay after all, but autosexual:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told university students Wednesday that finding one’s ideal major in college or the perfect life’s work is like falling in love.

On second thought, she might still be a lesbian. When asked about the special challenges of being a woman in her place, she responded:

“Since I’ve never been anything else, it’s a little hard to say. I don’t know what it would be like to be a man in this position.”

Graphic credit: W. Hastings Hobbery

  1. This will be an interesting post in two years if Rice is the GOP presidential nominee and Gordon is working on the LP presidential campaign.

  2. Keith you have the hots for Condi!? Egads…. you may need to get your eyes checked! ACK!

    Even Anne (GAG) Coulter is hotter… and IMO there are a whole heap of much more attractive libertarian females than either!