…’til the Fat Lady Sings

Radly Balko should be a carpenter, as he hits the nail squarely on the head everytime he writes something. In his latest article, he takes on the misconception that government needs to become involved with our love handles.

Local and state legislatures, the U.S. Congress, regulators at all levels of government, and public health advocates have since seized on the idea that nearly a half million people are needlessly dying every year because of their love handles. The Bush administration has earmarked millions of federal dollars for anti-obesity initiatives (though not nearly enough for the obesity warriors). Congress is considering menu-labeling laws, some in Washington have suggested taxes on high-fat or high-sugar foods, and others are calling on the FTC to regulate the marketing of junk food. Many states have banned junk food from school cafeterias and vending machines. And the Medicare program announced last summer that it would begin considering paying for treatment for obesity, a new entitlement that could prove to be more costly as the prescription drug benefit.

America is at war with obesity. We could eventually come to find, however, that this war’s origins are dubious as the sinking of the Maine.

Heaven forbid that we ever formally declare a War on Obesity. Considering our success with other similar wars (i.e. Iraq, poverty, drugs and illiteracy), future middle seat assignments on airliners could begin to prove fatal.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. According to http://www.drugwarfacts.org/causes.htm each year
    there are 17,000 deaths from all illegal drug use combined, direct and indirect.

    No doubt the 17,000 illegal drug deaths are tragic, but this pales in comparison to the 365,000 deaths from poor diets or physical inactivity.

    Speaking of poor diets, notice that we have no illegal foods, even though many foods are very unhealthy–especially if consumed in large portions over several years.

    Perhaps we should criminalize a long list of potentially unhealthy foods–for our own good, of course. Think of all the government jobs and careers this would create.

    No doubt unhealthy food prohibition would be just as successful as alcohol and drug prohibition.

  2. The problem with the guy in the photo, is that it’s not possible to get that large if you have to get your own food. By definition, even walking through the grocery story requires some semblance of moving his big freagin body. Thus, the only way he can possibly maintain such size is for people to be bringing him food!

    The solution seems simple. Let him get his own food, he’ll lose at least 200 pounds trying to get up. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere (and I’m not talking about the folds in his stomach).

    yup, i went there



  3. 17,000 eh…. hmmmm anyone have a “statistic” on “legal” drug deaths!? I’m willing to bet they are MUCH higher. I know this could be attributed to the fact that they are “legal”… then again this could also be attributed to the fact that the FDA has been pushing drugs out left and right….

    Can anyone name just a few that have been ripped off the market in the last few years!?

    BTW, you wanna see the REAL “drug war” deaths…. look in Central and South America (that is south of Mexico, for those of you with strange & mis-leading information in your school books)…