This Land is Your Land, But Now it’s My Land

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 i-want-some-hot-Eminent-Domain-on-Domain-action-HELLS-Yes.COMWith everyday people starting to finally reel from the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision, some enterprising Libertarians in New Hampshire have another novel idea (aside from Hotel Lost Liberty): Use Justice Stephen G. Breyer’s 167-acre Plainfield property to create a “Constitution Park,” with stone monuments to commemorate the U.S and New Hampshire constitutions.

“The point is: What goes around comes around,” Lorrey said. “This is a way of saying, ‘You’re going to be held to your own standard.'”

Lorrey said the Libertarian petition would place the land-taking request before a town meeting next spring. But Plainfield Town Administrator Steve Halleran said Friday that he didn’t expect voters to support the effort.

The Libertarian Party objects to the high court’s June ruling that let a Connecticut city take land by eminent domain and turn it over to a private developer.

A lot of people are going to heap criticism on libertarians for endorsing this kind of retributive land-grabbing, and to them I say: the only way to fix this mess is to proverbially (or literally) tar and feather the enablers.

What better way to get your point across that the ruling is unconstitutional and an affront to our property rights than to shove the fruits of that verdict down the throats of the Justices who voted in favor of it?

I commend the libertarians making waves with this (and for getting critical coverage in the AP), and hope to see more bureaucrats kicked out of their homes as acts of retribution if they support this type of land-theft.

Libertarians Urge Seizure of Justice Breyer’s Property to Protest High Court Ruling [AP] (via Catallarchy)

  1. I support them and hope that other libertarians do as well. This is a fantastic idea… politicians are common men/women are they not? Well then let them feel the pinch that we can and do.

  2. Too bad it’s only for a park. Not enough tax money from that that be considered a better revenue venue for the city, so less of a chance that this kind of proposal would even remotely be considered.

  3. It’s true. The Supreme Court justices need to be told “This is what you said is okay.” However, from a point of libertarian publicity, I love how the AP makes us seem like horrible, evil people who want to steal the poor justice’s land.

  4. Allow me to clarify. What I mean to say is that it’s funny/ironic/depressing that the little AP coverage we get is about how we want to take people’s houses away from them.