Third Party Watch interviews Shane Cory

The fine folks over at Third Party Watch recently interviewed acting Libertarian Party Chief of Staff, Shane Cory. Although disappointed that he did not mention the Florida Libertarian Party’s recent progress when asked about the LP’s accomplishments over the past year, I finished reading the interview with a huge smile on my face. One of my biggest pet peeves with the National LP is their seemingly blatant disregard for the power of the internet. Much to my delight, Mr. Cory addressed that very issue in his interview:

TPW: Are there any plans in the works to upgrade the LP’s website before the 2006 elections?

Shane Cory: Yes. We have already begun working on a redesign and the refocusing of For 2006 we plan to dedicate a majority of the content to campaigns and candidates. I’ll be providing a glimpse of the new site at the upcoming LNC meeting in Baltimore.

Combine that whiff of fresh air with Zero Dues and you have one happy Libertarian here.

Read the entire interview here.

  1. Wow, this is really good news. I’ve spoken to Shane on several occasions about the strategy and I hope the unveiling will blow me away (if Shane is reading, can we get screenshots from the Baltimore preview?).

    That said, I hope national will find a way to get some full-time Internet help to constantly update the code/features on the new site. We can no longer afford to simply upgrade every X years and let the code languish because the higher-ups don’t fully comprehend the power of the Internet.

  2. I’ve also had good dealings with Cory. From my perspective, he is a breath of fresh air for the LP. Hopefully, the LNC will follow his lead, as opposed to the general politicking which takes place in the organization.