Political Analyst: “The US Government Did Not Fail Its Mission in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina”

G Edward GriffinI’ll admit, I was a little shocked at the title too. But this isn’t from some two bit ranting lunatic on local access news, this was an article written by G. Edward Griffin. His most famous piece of work is his book The Creature from Jekyll Island, which blew the cover off the hidden secrecy behind the corrupt Federal Reserve formed in 1913.

So this guy has credentials up the wazoo. His article paints a very different picture of the FEMA/Katrina debacle.

Griffin’s main point is that FEMA and Homeland security were not in fact designed to protect the citizens! From the article:

The primary job of the military, FEMA, and Homeland Security is not to protect the American people in times of emergency but to protect the government in times of emergency and keep it functioning. Their primary assignment is, not to rescue people, but to control them. Their directive is to relocate families and businesses, confiscate property, commandeer goods, direct labor and services, and establish martial law. The reason FEMA and Homeland security failed to carry out an effective rescue operation is that this was not their primary mission, and the reason they blocked others from doing so is that any operations not controlled by the central authority are contrary to their directives. Their objective was to bring the entire area under the control of the federal government – and this they succeeded in doing very well. They did not fail in New Orleans. They were a huge success. Once this simple fact is understood, everything that happened in the wake of Katrina becomes understandable and logical.

Pretty heavy shit if you ask me. But it would certainly explain all of FEMA’s apparent attempts at foiling rescue efforts. His article lists all the mainstream articles showing how FEMA deliberately blocked aid efforts.

It’s hard to dismiss his arguments, because there seems to be no evidence to the contrary. Even their about us section doesn’t really make it clear that they are meant to save lives versus political damage control.

  1. Ricky Ratter,

    Here we go again with lop sided conspiracy crap. I do not trust the government any more than most libertarians (little l) but you are so far from reality that all you do is harm the chances of true libertarians affecting any change at all within the political system.

    What is your real hidden agenda? Want a revolution? I mean a shooting revolution. Like to feed propoganda to your readers? Again, here we go again with you believing in fairy tales and mother goose stories.

  2. Julian,

    While I try and keep our editors away from the conspiracy-minded stories simply because it is usually a wild goose chase, the revelations concerning FEMA intentionally keeping aid out is disturbing even when you only see it zoomed out to 10,000 feet. There is evidence of a pattern of incompetence, and there is a pattern of keeping aid out intentionally, and I think if there is going to be an investigation, it’s only fair that we give independent analysis its chance.

    While my intuition leans towards gross incompetence, some of the news on intentional (malice? incompetence?) is very disturbing.

    If we find it to be conspiracy piffle later on, then so be it, but I think it’s a bit early to dismiss this kind of speculation that FEMA may have had just enough cohesion to be dangerous.

  3. Julian,

    I am not trying to start a revolution, or lead people on wild goose chase, to disinform, or to hurt the libertarian movement. If this information is too much, by all means stop visiting the site. The number of hits will lower and Stephen will off me.

    Can you even admit that FEMA fucked up? Regardless of if it was incompetence or malice, there are a shit load of people dead and as many as 100,000 displace throughout the country.

    Are we not to question why FEMA turned away buses, generators, fireman, food supplies, ham radio communication workers, water deliveries, etc etc. If you really don’t trust the government, then why are you willing to ignore all of this and merely attack me as a nut. These are facts. The list is long and I still can’t understand how all these mistakes were made. From a probability stand point, it isn’t even statistically possible.

    How come private citizens and organizations were on top of their shit, were their and ready to go, and FEMA didn’t even realize for 2 days that people were in the fucking dome. Why can’t we ask these questions?

    I guess I’ll stick to issues involving lowering taxes and home schooling.

  4. Rick – I enjoyed the post. Don’t let nutjobs like Julian discourage you. We are fortunate to have people like you poiting out the other side of things.

    Julian – what is YOUR “real hidden agenda”? To stifle thought and free speech? Or are you just another brainwashed republicrat blindly speaking against anyone the questions the omniscient and omnipotent government?

  5. I try to steer far clear of conspiracy theories myself, though on occasion getting close to one just can’t be helped.

    This is one of those times.

    FEMA is supposedly the government agency that will take over everything and impose control (martial law?) over the country in the case of a catastrophic disaster or attack, according to the conspiracy theorists.

    Something eerily close to that conspiracy-theorist description actually seems to have happened in Louisiana. Therefore, it may well be time for those of us who prefer evidence to theories to start taking a closer look.

  6. Basically, what happened in New Orleans was incompetence, malice, indifference, or all of the above. NONE of those options are really acceptable.

    If it’s incompetence, why are we spending 50+billion/year (I’m pulling the number out of my ass, but i’ve seen it cited higher) on a department of homeland security? The default solution is throw more money at it, and that wasn’t the problem in this case.

    Indifference also sucks. They didn’t know about the super dome, they didn’t expect, they didn’t think it could be that bad, they weren’t aware… every one of these comments were made with lack of genuine sincerity.

    And malice, I hate to even think about it… even if it was just a few individuals, there was certainly at least the appearance of some very upsetting actions taken by members of FEMA.

    The question remains… will there be any investigation? And who will run it? We need a neutral 3rd party, for if there was even the slightest, tiniest chance of malice, we certainly shouldn’t expect them to punish themselves for it.

    The facts are disturbing. No question about it.

  7. Yes, there will be an “independent” investigation similar to the 9/11 “investigation”. In other words, the government can do no wrong and a new fascist cabinet level position will be created.

    Oh, and I almost forget that medals that will be given…

  8. LOL.

    I still remember Tenet getting the “Medal of Freedom”.

    And yeah, the investigation will be fun too.

    Prosecutor: Mr (*Insert government official*) Did you intentionally turn away supplies from New Orleans?

    Gov Official: NO.

    Case closed! We can all go home now, and get a New Orleans commission report from amazon.com for 12.95 plus shipping (free shipping with order above 25 bucks, so buy 2!)