The Redesign

What do you guys think so far?

It should be done tonight (yeah, like that’s gonna happen), I’ll fix the broken links… I’m sure there’s a few.

UPDATE: I know about the comments page… this is still a work in progress and I should have it all done later tonight. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t let my website look like ass :)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Seth fixed my email after I goofed it up and a bunch of crap bounced. The good news is that I got the email anyways, the bad news is that they all have the same subject: “Undeliverable email report.” Oh well, I’ll reply to everyone when I get to that pile of work (1000 emails, a lot of spam that no longer flags my filters)

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. Yes, I would make it easier to read. How can we contact you now?… Your email doesnt seem to work anymore.

  2. Also, ‘pushliberty’ is now Mikes Cycle Shop…. please update the people and the team on that.

  3. I agree the black on dark grey is a bit hard to see / read. Strains the eyes a bit. If you want to use a dark background we need lighter text / links / etc…

    Sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident. Did you have any backup of the old site? Wget mirror by chance?

  4. I liked the old site as well…. I like the new logo! Nice pun by the way… ;-)I think the new site has a nice background color which works very well with the logo and navbar …. it’s crisp and soft…

    Great work Stephen… for throwing it up as quick as you had to it looks fantastic. With that being said… I know you have a ton of work to do before you are happy with it. Slacker… back to work! ;-)

  5. What is up with this page? Old design was just fine, also what is the use of a libertarian blog that is never updated much like the organizations it criticizes?? What happpened to the slogan “self-government is the peoples duty” That was cool and now it is gone with the rest of the used to be good design.

  6. Hi everyone. The new replacement for TNL is up – please try it out so I can find out if anything is broken or not adjusted right. Comments and what not would be good.

    Tim W.

  7. OK, Steve. You have sat on your ass long enough.

    Get going on new content, regardless of the shade of gray, already.



  8. Pablo, you’re hilarious. How did you leave that post without the benefit of products created by “First World” capitalism?

    And what’s going on? Anyone know when HoT will be back in action?

  9. Maybe his hiatus from Hammer of Truth means he is working long and hard on PushLiberty. Or maybe he has a real life. You know, apart from the internets.

  10. Actually I heard he was arrested for running through a nursing home naked loudly singing, “Viva Las Vegas”! Apparently several of the elderly women pounced, and took advantage of the lads obvious state of lunacy. They abused him… sexually. Hell he may still be tied up somewhere, I’m sure there was plenty of yarn around.

    hahahaha! Oh Stephen…. public forum…. no warden…. …. ;-)