The News You Didn’t Want To Hear

Here is an overview of what I’ve missed out on while busy on other projects:

In the spirit of Christmas: The Dems have used Grinchly photos of Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich to indicate how greedy Repubs are. The GOP just tried to hide the Grinch to call the Dems traitors, but blew it by getting caught in this photoshop scandal. The Dems have bragging rights to call the score 3-0. The American people might suggest Big Government is beating The People 3-0, as they get screwed by both aforementioned parties.

Some people talk about libertarianism. Some people live it, like this woman did for 101 years.

Move over bin Laden, as the greatest threat to Homeland Security is now Sudafed.

A conference report by Senate and House negotiators to extend for four years provisions of the USA Patriot Act includes a comprehensive anti-methamphetamine package restricting the sale of products containing ingredients needed to cook the drug and providing new tools to police and prosecutors to combat dealers.

Sens. Jim Talent, Missouri Republican, and Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, said the Combat Meth Act — together with anti-meth measures championed in the House — were included in the Reauthorization Conference Report filed Thursday.

Once again, AmeriKa is screwed over in continued bipartisanship cooperation.

We told you about that “goddamned piece of paper” the other day. Strangerina had a few choice words about it:

And he might have to recognize himself for the liar that he is – the man who swore to uphold the Constitution a mere five years ago, yet continues to shit on it on a daily basis. Just a piece of paper my ass.

Whether Dubya uttered those words or not, his actions certainly portray that he means what he allegedly said.

The quote of the day comes from Jacob on Cathy on Dave on Michelle Malkin (sounds sort of kinky) about whether the left or the right is rhetorically nastier. Jacob’s quip:

Can’t we just agree that the left and the right each has its share of assholes?

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