The Manifestation of A Black Libertarian

I want to thank all the editors of Hammer of Truth for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a growing blog!

My first introduction to libertarianism and the Libertarian Party was back in 1988 when I was attending Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado (I attended the same school of the famed, Matt Stone, who co-produces South Park, he graduated a year before me). I remember having a conversation with a fellow speech team member who was supporting Ron Paul and I was at the time supporting Michael Dukakis. We got to talking about drugs,taxes and the Constitution and he told me that I sound more libertarian than a Democrat.

I happen to be flipping the channels on my day off in August of 1991 and I caught a glimpse of the Libertarian National Convention on C-Span. I recall seeing Richard Boddie making a speech to the delegation. I was thinking “there’s a black guy who is a Libertarian, this Libertarian Party must be alright!” I met Doug Anderson getting signatures to get Andre Marrou on the ballot.

Right then I knew that I had found a new political home. I was very active in the LPCO from 1991-1996 and I even helped with the Coloradoans for Andre Marrou group. During that campaign I did my first GOTV (Get Out The Vote) in the county I lived in and handmade signs encouraging people in my area to vote for Andre Marrou. I know that we didn’t get many votes in my county BUT voter registration for Libertarians increased three fold! I think Andre would had done better had a big ears, billionaire, midget named Ross Perot had not entered the Presidental race. Ross Perot did however bring the federal debt and government spending into the forefront with those ridiculous infomercials.

It hasn’t been easy being a libertarian, not much easier being black and libertarian. Liberal blacks call me “Uncle Tom” because I want to empower minorities and get rid of their social programs. Conservative blacks want to test my morality and religious beliefs. I think if the Libertarian Party ever became a powerhouse in politics, minorities will flock! It’s all about maximizing our freedom and decreasing the coerciveness. It’s really not about what group should be better than others, it’s all about respecting individual rights and freedoms. Until we get to that point-we need to be more pro-active and reach out to those who will benefit-everyone. That’s the reason why I’m a libertarian.

  1. Welcome Chris

    You will get to know me soon enough but for now, I want to welcome you to this site.

    I am the thorn in everyone’s side. It is my duty to challenge the bloggers and commenters on issues that appear here which makes some uncomfortable and down right pisses some of them off.

    I know I am a small l libertarian and am trying to decide if I am a large L Libertarian so you will see me challenging some of the positions on this site.

    Maybe you and I will meet some day. I live about 160 miles away in Rye, CO.

  2. Julian,

    I don’t live in Colorado but reside in Illinois now. The last time I lived in Colorado I lived in Sterling. I recommend if you ever become a big L-libertarian is to get involved in the LPCO, they are reorganizing and LPCO has instant ballot access! For now, I don’t see your free time well spent challenging us who have been Libertarians for years. The real challenge is talking to you neighbors and questioning your government and elected officals. Thats where the activism is!
    BTW,I plan on visiting Colorado next summer.

  3. Great to see you here and active, Chris! Your site probably hasn’t gotten the same kind of traffic as here so hopefully this will really give you a good venue to get out the word and truly show how libertarianism is NOT conservatism (neo- or otherwise) and how libertarian ideals are downright useful no matter what race, creed, religion, or anything else any of us might be. Getting the word out on how libertarians can better speak to minority concerns, however, is a huge point that I think you’ve been great at trying to make. Here’s hoping the new soapbox helps you get the word out!