The Baby – Al Qaeda Connection

It’s a sad day when a family has to miss a flight simply because their 2 year old kid appears on the no-fly list.

I can’t imagine the conversation being something like this.

Airport TSA employee: Excuse me ma’am, but our database shows that little Johnny here is on the no-fly list. Apparently, he’s been involved with money laundering since 9 months old.

Johnny’s Mom: Oh no! But we’re going to miss our flight to [insert some dumb amusement park in another state]. We got to get on!

TSA: I’m sorry ma’am. But we have to search him for weapons. Can you please remove his diaper.

Personally, the only “bomb” I think they would discover would be a result of too much broccoli. While it would certainly be upsetting, it’s hardly worth making the family miss the flight. Why aren’t TSA employees reasonable enough to realize that the baby isn’t going to hijack the plane? And why does the no-fly contain 100,000+ names? Are we to believe their are 100,000 terrorists in the country? Jeez, why bother then. Or are people just being randomly placed on it? Seems to defeat the purpose of the list if so many people are on it.

  1. Ricky Ratter,

    You are quick to criticize. Got any solutions to the problems in the greatest country ever, the good old USA, or are you hell bent to tear it down? Why do you not go after the incompetent and corrupt Louisiana State Government and the New Orleans mental midget of a Mayor?

  2. Julian,

    I agree. The mayor and governor were dumbasses. They certainly didn’t understand the gravity of the situation or do anything smart like, use the school buses /2005/09/03/i-need-500-buses-man/ etc.

    You want compliments. I commend the american people who emptied their pockets for donations, the people that hauled their butts from every corner of the country to help out. It was good to see such a supporting country that wanted the people to get out safely. Nobody wants to see people dying in a cesspool.

    You might not believe it, but I love this country. It pains me to see civil liberties being trampled, and the country moving farther from the principles that it was founded on. The Kelo decision was a particularly painful stab wound into our beautiful Republic (big R). But, I separate support of my country from support of my leaders. If I see people actively or passively ruin our country, I’ll say something about it and try to correct it. If we don’t speak out, we allow our great country to be overrun by bastards in congress.

  3. Julian and Rick,

    I am reading this blog and to be honest with you guys I am tired of all this complaining. When other people who could be turned on to libertarianism are not because they see us fighting like this we are doing ourselves a huge dis-service.

    I am not going to pick sides between you two but I think if we spent half as much time working together as we do fighting we could get a lot more accomplished.

    Now I don’t want to make this problem any worse than it has became but why don’t we focus more on what we agree with than what we disagree with. If everyone agreed all the time this would be one boring world. Ane when we do disagree could we be more respectfull of each other with no name calling.

  4. Not to mention, I had this story a month ago.

    Disagreement is one thing. Everyone is going to disagree with someone else on something. The important part is how you handle that disagreement.

    Face it, this blog is going to attract a lot of “Republicans” (the political party). And a lot of “Democrats.” And more than your fair share of stupid people, like Julian. You should be prepared for them. :)

  5. Jake – I re-read both Julian and Rick’s posts, and I do not see either one of them calling the other a “name”. This type of “I am offended” nonsense is prevalent in the Republicrat world of irrationality and it is rather sad that a contributor to this blog has stooped to that level.

  6. I think the point I was trying to make was missed. I don’t dislike disagreements but I think that we should be fair and use facts to back up what we say.

    And Mike I was refering to a previous post not this one. I am not offended by debate but I just think that libertarians should realize that we agree on about 95% of the issues and need to remember it is ok to disagree. If you could clarify what you meant by me stooping to a level I would be glad to discuss it more. It was I am tired not I am offended. I would rather have libertarians work together than fight all the time and while I agree it is ok to disagree we should try to promote the values we do agree on also.

  7. Can’t we all just get along… ;-) blah!

    Fight all you want. It is good to see what the hot buttons for people are here and there.

    I myself sometimes shoot from the hip without giving my comments much thought which merely makes me look like an ass so hey… I aint hurtin noone! ;-)

    I feel the majority of the comment threads are worthwhile discussion. We tend to get a bit off-topic…. but who cares! ;-)

  8. Open Torrent,

    I agree most everything here is worth discussion and I am not trying to stifle debate. Notice I have deleted no comments I was just offering my personal opinion about why libertarians won’t be viewed as a real option if we fight all the time and we would be a real option if we worked for issues such as ballot access and going door to door more often. A house divided cannot stand.

    I was speeking as a libertarian and a reader not so much as a contributior.

    Stop Hurting America,

    I think that the U.N. is in need of being eliminated and a waste of our money. I will look at the link when I have more time. Why can’t we look at this list? Has Pat Robertson followed through with his threats?

    It is not off topic discussion it is refusing to work together that I don’t think is good for libertarianism.