Thanksgiving Reflections

Once a year, Americans take a day off work to reflect about things for which we should be thankful. I thought I’d come up with a short list of issues we could celebrate this year:

  1. Unlike the Viet Nam era, our kids aren’t involved in an unpopular quagmire in a far away land.
  2. America sets international standards for the ethical treatment prisoners, ensuring their civil rights, as well as protecting them from torture and abuse.
  3. Our civil liberties are safe, secured by a government that won’t invade our privacy without cause and due process.
  4. Our homes and land are secure from eminent domain seizure by corporate interests.
  5. All levels of our government ensure that we have access to the medications which keep us alive.
  6. Our politicians secure a future for our children by implementing responsible fiscal policy.

Actually, I am thankful about one thing. We still have the right to vote the bastards out!

  1. Correction: We have the right to try to vote them out. Only the majority can vote them out, and we certainly don’t have a miajority.

  2. I’m not comfortable with those who try to define “torture” down so far, even applying fluffy pillows and hot cocoa is too inhumane.

    “Tell us who’s trying to kill us, Achmed!”

    “No! I will not talk, American pig-dog!”



    “Oh, well, we tried… let ‘im go, Sergeant…”