Support the Troops? Nah, Just Bill Them

Robert LoriaWow, talk about literally adding insult to injury (direct quoting Wonkette):

Some would-be patriots wrap themselves in the flag, Bush surrounds himself with people in uniform, and his rhetoric about the bravery and nobility of the American military is flowery enough to almost cover the odor of Iraq War flop sweat.And despite his reluctance to make return visits, he shows genuine grief for the fallen and sympathy for their families. But when he praises those who have paid the “ultimate price for our security and freedom,” do you think he means the $6,200 that the Army tried to collect from Robert Loria? Loria is a veteran who left his expensive body armor in Iraq. Along with his left hand.

The Washington Post today reports on soldiers battles with Uncle Sam, the loan shark: “We’ve sent debt notices while they’re still in combat, in harm’s way. . . For even a single soldier, this is unacceptable,” says one Congressman. Unfortunately, it’s something like 331.

Here’s the WaPo story: For Injured U.S. Troops, ‘Financial Friendly Fire’

Update by Rick Rajter: Christian Science Monitor has picked up the story as well.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Disgusting. There are many cases where the military has taken money out of soldiers’ pay or collected at time of discharge for gear, weapons, ammunition, etc. lost or damaged in combat zones. I do not know how far it goes back, but at least to Vietnam. I wonder how the soldier can be held accountable for government property that is damaged or lost during combat?

  2. They can’t even properly keep track of who has been injured so that they can properly adjust their pay rate, or to keep track of their equipment so that individuals recovering from losing a limb don’t have to and we are trusting them to wage an ill defined war on a soveriegn nation halfway across the globe?

  3. The US dept of Veteran Affairs (the VA) is a scam. Their indifference to veterans from all the recent wars has been exposed numerous times on the Jack McLamb show and many others. They call it the 4% rule. 4% of the Veterans will actually receive all promised benefits. The VA’s large publicity arm will then spew forth this to all the news organization showing how caring our government is to our disabled vets. The other 96% will receive limited benefits and will have to fight tooth and nail for it.

    Look. I don’t hate the soldiers, I hate the damn administration making the soldiers go out to kill and be killed for dumb ass reasons (aka weapons of mass deception). Then, the government reneges on promised benefits to save money in tough economic times.

    HELLO. If the government gives these guys a contract and promise to take care of them after you put them in harm’s way, then the government better make sure they fulfill their obligation. Divert tax dollars from socialist handout programs back to legitimate government operations. Otherwise, stop the fucking BS and don’t make the empty promises to the soldiers who believe the government will actually give a rats ass about them when they come home without half a leg, blind, etc.

    Also check out