Stormy Outlook on Iraq: Small Monkey Advisory

Rummy has a plan

Secretary of Defense Don “tiger claw” Rumfseld today tried to defend the lack of direction apparent in Iraq. At one point Rummy came to the defense of General Abazaid after the General pulled this quote from his ass and attributed it to a soldier:

“When my soldiers say to me and ask me the question whether or not they’ve got support from the American people or not, that worries me. And they’re starting to do that.”

Bullshit General, let me tell the soldiers who they don’t have the support of, the military fucks swinging their dicks in the Pentagon spending fuckloads of money on space lasers, strap-on nukes and anal defense shields to keep gays from translating Abdullah Whajimidafoo’s plans for the next 9/11.

Clearly, the only people who are actually supporting them are those who are asking how the fucking WAR is going, asking whether perhaps we could oh, I don’t know… win it… call it a truce… or just cowboy up and say we’re sorry, chop off Saddam’s head, clear the fuck out, and call it a day.

Except somehow, a tyrannical regime of a country has turned into an expansive muslim jihadi summer camp, and we can’t fucking leave. What’s the answer? That’s anybody’s fucking guess, but I doubt a lot of people are walking around thinking “hey, I sure know Iraq is fucked up today, I wonder if it’s the troops I should be blaming.”

Yeah, General… you might want to practice pulling a few more quotes out of your ass to loosen it up for the flying butt monkeys.

UPDATE: Tangent of the moment that I agree with — military service is essentially a contract and not an immediate bestowal of hero status and super powers.

General Says Iraq Insurgency Still Active [AP]

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