Stop The Bop

If ever in a time our eighth amendment has been violated it is now. This is cruel and unusual punishment. It was bad enough when the song first came out and I would be forced to listen to it on the radio but now it is getting played over and over again.

“Suggested by a few members of the student council, the school is playing Hanson’s 1996 hit “MMMBop” through the loudspeakers before classes begin, between periods and during lunch. The idea? Annoy students into donating; have them pay to stop the music.”

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I imagine if they did this at my school I would pay the three thousand dollars by myself just to get the damn song to stop playing.

We libertarians should join together to stop this cruel and unusual punishment, even now I am starting to think there are exceptions to the first amendment well not really but I did get elected as vice president of the student council because of things less horrible.

Vote Libertarian for student council and we won’t subject you to this kind of punishment from your leaders.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: It’s a private school, so uhhh… sucks to be you, preppy Catholic kids.

Delone Catholic High School in McSherrystown, Pa.


  1. It reminds me of good ole Mob “I’ll protect you if you pay me” extortion. What’s next on their agenda to raise funds?

    Here, let me offer you a suggestion. Add some more vending machines to your school and make the soda reaallllly cheap. Then, put a 6’6″ 250 pound goon in front of the bathroom asking for “donations” to get in.

    Kids would certainly stay awake in class if they tried to get off cheap and hold it.

  2. Hey, my name is matt, and i attend Delone Catholic, the school that did this “stop the bop” thing. its funny, i googled stop the bop and a lot of forums were talking about it. it wasnt exactly cruel and unusual punishment, it just got annoying, so people would donate, looking back, its pretty funny. we reached our goal of 3000 dollars in like 5 days, but it wasnt too bad. and when the school was on the early show, hanson’s producer saw it, and hanson was going to come out to our school for a concert, but they cant make it (luckily) and instead are giving everyone in the school a copy of their latest cd, along with a letter about matching what we raised or something like that. ill fill you in later, the stuff comes out tomorrow i think. lol, but the song did get really annoying.

  3. Matt,

    Glad to hear from you. I bet the song did get annoying. Your school is famous now so I guess the annoyance was worth it. Be sure to vote libertarian by the way.

  4. i think thats great that hanson did that though. Even though ppl were getting annoyed at their song, they gave money! at least they can laugh at themselves and have a sense of humor about it. Im sure they’ve outgrown their high-pitch voices by now…and havent they cut their hair??