States To Avoid

Now we all know the Lew Rockwell can be dull and boring, but this one article caught my attention – “States to Avoid” by Al Doyle. Basically, it’s a list of 8 states that were voted “most likely to become annexed with China” in the US yearbook.

Obviously, living in Tax-achusetts, I knew what was coming. Still, I hoped that just maybe it didn’t make the list.

The author used only one criteria. Strictness of gun control/confiscation laws. The reason is simple, the more the government fucks you over, the more they want to ensure you won’t be able to fight back. I mean, all the great societies of the 20th century had strict gun laws! That is, before there was some form mass revolt and/or genocide.

I won’t spoil the results (for what’s the fun in that). But I can tell you right now, owning a gun in Massachusetts is next to impossible, so don’t be surprised.

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