Some Third-Party Presidential Tidbits and Rumors

Michael Badnarik is doing an overhaul of his website and Blognarik is down at the moment. I talked with him a couple of days ago, and he was having serious problems with the comment spam. He is not sure if he will be restoring the old entries or not. I offered to host them for him, as they are historically significant. He said he’ll get back with me. The google news alert from this article should serve as a reminder for my good friend Mikey.

He sent out a “Season’s Greetings” e-mail. It had an interesting update:

Much of the groundwork for 2006 is in place, and by January we will have six full-time staff members working out of our Austin office. Just this afternoon we were discussing a plan to establish as many as six satellite offices across the district, so that volunteers and constituents would have nearby access to campaign materials. This is more exciting than watching my first live shuttle launch!

This is a sign of a real campaign beginning to brew. Six full-time staffers (and six satellite offices) for an LP congressional campaign is not common at all. Hopefully, we will soon see some real progress over in Badnarikland.

During the latest LP presidential nomination battle, there was a lot of speculation about Gary Nolan being a member of what some describe as the Brown-Cloud-Dasbach or Brown-Cloud-Dasbach-Willis croud. I’m not sure about whether he was then, but a quick peek at the left sidebar at downsizeDC currently provides:

Jim Babka
Harry Browne
Steve Dasbach
Perry Willis, Inc.
Board of Directors

Gary Nolan, Chair
Jim Babka
Mark Cenci
David Page

I talked with former pre-nom LP presidential and “not yet officially announced” for the AZ Goober race candidate Barry Hess. BTW, that is Keifer Sutherland with Hess — I snapped the shot one night while partying in Hollywood. Hess has been telling me for months that the GOP really wants him to run there as a Repub. Last night he proved it by teleconferencing a voice mail message left by a VERY prominent Arizona Republican. I’ll not disclose the name, but I heard him implore Barry to run Repub with my own ears (preceded by the obligatory flattering).

Kurt St. Angelo is an attorney, former chair of the Libertarian Party of Marion County and aspiring screenwriter. He wrote this in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinal (whored out props):

But what would American politics be without bickering? Two words: Greatly improved.

My dictionary says that to bicker is to have a petty quarrel. A petty quarrel is a trivial and insignificant one. Alas, even headlines proclaim that Congress is trivializing its important role and avoiding the tougher issues, such as the federal government’s enormous and runaway growth.

Optimally, voters could choose more government or less by voting for one major party or the other. Then the battles between the parties would be substantive, not trivial. Government would get bigger or smaller, depending on the parties’ respective votes. However, where both major parties are walking in the same direction, their differences become less significant. They don’t argue about the course of our country, but how fast we march down the course we’re on.

Aaron Russo popped me a personal e-mail in which he stated “the movie is now finished other then the score and sound engineering.” For those of you who hate the IRS, this will be a must-see. I know, as a helped with some of the footage. We’ll be announcing release information on this site as soon as it is available.

IndyPres candidate Webster Brooks popped me an e-mail pertaining to this:


Thanks for your help on this. I did see your blog and the fine picture with the cigar. Stay in touch.


They are doing online polling lining up potential presidential candidates for ALL the major parties (and independents, too) over at The Next Prez.

The pertinent poll asks: “Who should the Libertarians nominate in 2008?” and provide thse choices:

    Michael Badnarik
    Lance Brown
    Jim Burns
    Jim Gray
    David Hollist
    Carla Howell
    Karen Kwiatkowski
    Richard Mack
    Gary Nolan
    Aaron Russo
    Ed Thompson
    Mark Yannone
    Someone else

At the moment, I like Ed, Aaron, Karen and Mike, in that order. I’d also like to see Bob Barr and Ron Paul placed on the list (which would change my stated preferences).

As they have Third Party Thursday over at their site, I’ll make it a point to check it out more often. Props.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Barr may be saying nice things now, but it seems to me that
    we (LP) once targeted him as the single most dangerous Drug
    Warrior. Hardly qualifies him to be a Libertarian candidate.

  2. Pete,

    I’ve not heard any Barr commentary on the Drug War in quite some time. I’m wondering if he has been rethinking his views.

  3. Thanks Stephen for the info on Libertarians. We have a great opportunity in the 2008 Presidential election and I hope that we have excellent candidates for our Libertarian nomination. I hope to see you again in Portland.

  4. If Aaron Russo’s movie about the IRS is even one tenth as good as it is rumored to be, then he will have my full support in a 2008 presidential campaign. When Michael Badnarik won the nomination in 2004, Aaron Russo announced that he was going to make a “Farenheit 1040” movie about the IRS. He is about to deliver on that promise, at which point all Americans will know precisely where Aaron Russo stands on the topic of the IRS (and more).

  5. Mark,

    I have not seen the finished version (yet), so I can’t speak for it. However, I’ve seen some of the key interviews and scenes being shot. If these are pieced together well, it could end up being really good.

    Russo does have a talent for creating blockbusters, remember.

    Good luck in your 2006 race, too.