Sixth Amendent Thrown into Wastebin, Too

According to the Associated Press, a man has been jailed for over a year without ever seeing a lawyer.

This should come as no big suprise. Eminent Domain Obersts, Drug War Sturmführers, Homeland Security Standartenführers, Patriot Act Generals and War on Terror Field Marshals have been very busy tearing portions of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th Amendments from the Constitution and throwing them into the incinerator. In this particular case:

Walter Mann Sr., 69, was released Dec. 16 after a year and three months — more than twice the time he would have served if he had been convicted in his contempt-of-court case.

Mann’s legal troubles began in 2002, when his 13-year-old son assaulted him and was sent to a juvenile detention center. Mann, who was unemployed and on disability benefits, was ordered to pay $50 a month for the boy’s housing but never did, according to court records.

Is there any jurisdiction remaining in the U.S. which actually respects the judicial portions of the Bill of Rights?

Stephen Gordon

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  1. In my latest e-mail, I was just reminded of 1st Amendment violations, too. Sorry for the omission.