Signs of the Oncoming Tyranny

I’m simply amazed at how much police brutality has become the norm in America in just the past 15 years. Here’s a smorgasbord of videos that I ran across… this week alone:

Cop tasers protestor who is already restrained (note the chant changes, huzzah). [iFilm]
Cop pepper-sprays Wendy’s employee when he doesn’t believe she gave him back correct change. [The Agitator]
Cops in para-military garb raid a rave party. Those dancing kids are a menace I tell ya. [Hit & Run]

Try not to piss off the cops folks, they might just protect and serve your ass into the pavement. Like this Stormtrooper-clad attendee of the JVL-CON science fiction convention who nearly got the knee to the back of the head treatment when cops were alerted of an “armed robber.” The weapon? A plastic laser-gun replica that even the stupidest retard wouldn’t fear.
Frankly, I say it’s time to start up the resistance to the encroaching police-state.