Schwarzenegger Street: Trite, Tasteless, Typical

Arnold\'s NeighborhoodBig ups to our peeps over at Independent Sources for spotting this doozy of a mud-slinger campaign ad by Democratic California gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides — Schwarzenegger Street (a spoof of Sesame Street done Jib Jab style, but without being funny or clever):

The Governor’s “neighborhood” inhabited by the usual liberal bogeymen: President Bush! Vice President Cheney! Fox News! Enron’s Ken Lay! Karl Rove! And others! Too bad most of them have only tenuous connections to Schwarzenegger.

Oh man, as much as I think Schwarzenegger is a douchebag suckup to corporate special interests, this ad is just horrible. What’s worse, Angelides vowed to take the high road (“I believe in the high road.”), and this proves once again Democrats and Republicans really only care about kicking each other out of the way in their quest for more state control and don’t really care about discussing the issues in an adult manner.

On a juvenile note… O’Reilly the Grouch looks like the love child of Joan Rivers and Milton Bradley.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. This video is totally hilarious. Bill O’Reilly in the garbage can? Cheney in a Haliburton box? The smoking hummer? The creepy Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter? Ken Lay as the Count (Ah! Ah! Ah!)? Those are brilliant humor. You need your sense of humor checked.

    Look, maybe it’s a little juvenile and silly, but sometimes you’ve got to fight fire with fire. Schwarzenegger was the guy who said he enjoyed kicking nurses butts. He called our representatives in the Legislature “girlie men.” Have you seen his flash video of union boss “thugs” literally shaking down a teacher?

    Angelides is just using humor to call attention to a serious problem: Arnold’s right-wing agenda for California.

  2. Bernard, you’re missing two points – Arnold’s not right wing nor is this cartoon funny.

  3. Some of the parts are funny…. not the right direction on campaigning in my opinion. Jib-Jab is fine… associating Arnold with the other “characters” kills credibility.

    The candidate would do better off stating facts… what has Arnold done… what has he not done!? Do the people think that he will complete what he says he can in the next term!?

    blah blah blah… stop throwing mud, stop using hot-buttons like abortion, gay marriage, creationism/reality, red/blue, black/white…

    Focus on the Facts!

  4. CA Political Guy: Schwarzenegger might not be a hard core conservative, but his policies sure do look pretty hard core conservative. Let’s compare:

    Bush wanted to privatize social security. Schwarzenegger wanted to privatize public employee pensions.

    Bush holds invite only “town hall” meetings. Schwarzenegger holds invite only “town hall” meetings.

    Bush has led us into massive debt by cutting taxes in times of fiscal and security crises. Schwarzenegger has led us into massive debt by reducing the vehicle license fee in times of fiscal crises.

    Bush has proposed a federal Constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage, pandering to the religious right. Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that would legalize gay marriage, pandering to the religious right.

    Bush opposes a woman’s right to choose. The allegedly pro-choice Schwarzenegger supports Prop. 73, which would limit choice in California.

    The similarities are greater than the differences. You might say that Schwarzenegger is no hard core conservative, but he sure looks an awful lot like George Bush’s “compassionate conservative.”