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From the blogosphere:

  • The former Chief Justice of the North Carolina State Supreme Court has called for decriminalizing drugs. Good for him. But I wish all of these former public officials jumping on board with us had seen the light before they were former public officials. — TheAgitator
  • We worry about the Post. First, Richard Cohen gets “sexually excited” about a possible change in Bush policy, now: Woodward juice. Bet Patrick Fitzgerald has to sleep on the wet spot. — Wonkette
  • A “seasoned Democratic operative” tells The Plank “that he fully expects Bob Shrum will emerge from his semi-retirement/exile to work for a 2008 Democrat. Last time around there was a big hullabaloo about the ‘Shrum Primary’ — the intense competition to snap up Shrum as an advisor. This time, given Shrum’s battered reputation [his 0-7 record should give even LP campaign consultants some bragging rights], the interesting question is, Which candidate will be willing to have him?” — Political Wire
  • I would avoid Dick Cheney’s embrace even if I thought he liked me. So to see Tom Delay embrace Darth Vader at a fund-raiser is really exciting. First of all, perhaps the viciousness chip will override the bonhomie chip, and Dickey C will bite his head off, literally. More likely, this confab of the Neocons and Cons-to-be will be a masturbatory orgy of self congratulation combined with complaints about radical liberals who are out to get them… — the Defeatists
  • At the event — which was also attended by Chris Matthews, Terry McAuliffe, Matt Cooper, Tony Blankley and others — Dodd “conveyed his interest in running for the presidency in 2008. He said this pretty directly to [former DNC Chair] Terry McAuliffe … By the time official sounding remarks were made, Margaret Carlson introduced Dodd as the Senator who might or might not be running. — Politics1
  • Guess this answers the questions for us: is dubya drinking again? Brings to mind the old adage “how far do i have to go to get a drink aroud here!” now we have the answer: mongolia! — DailyKos
  • Whose brilliant idea was it to have the most hated person in the White House [Cheney] talk about standing firm in Iraq while he’s looking like Edward Arnold playing the villain in a Frank Capra movie? — Hit and Run
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