Russia’s New Nuke may Nerf U.S. Missile Defense

Russian warhead (file photo)Last November, Russian president Vladimir Putin promised a warhead that according to analysts would be “capable of defeating any space-based defense system.” In a recent flight test of a new warhead, Putin delivered on that promise with new technology that allows the warhead to change course during flight. From the Washington Times:

The missile booster fired for a shorter-than-usual duration in placing the dummy warhead and re-entry vehicle into space. The warhead then dropped down to a lower trajectory and was able to maneuver.

Kremlin officials were quoted in Russian press reports as saying the new warhead was designed to thwart the new U.S. missile-defense system of interceptors deployed in Alaska and California.

The U.S. missile defense shield has been under scrutiny in the past for budget overruns and failure to hit even non-maneuvering target missiles. However, the recent news indicates that the whole endeavor may have been for naught — as the Russian response may spark a new anti-missile arms race.

The estimated cost of running the defense program was last fingered at $830 million per month.

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  1. “capable of defeating any space-based defense system.”

    You mean, it doesn’t just stand still and wait for the defense system to hit it?

    Well, we’re f*$%#* then! Those ruskies are always so clever

  2. No… it does not stand still, it actually maneuvers with the hypersonic speed, so anti-missiles just crash… Americans should stop catching up on Russian rocketry, because it’s a waste of money to catch up on something that is decades ahead. Instead, they can buy nukes from Russia using saved $$$ ;-)

  3. It’s all a crock of sh!t… this is merely a ploy to suck more money out of tax payers pockets and put it into already wealthy hands. To instill more “national pride”, and spread more false patriotism…

    Remember… dubya and pootie-poo are good buds…