Russian Military Spending like its 1979

Russian militaryThis is pretty worrying:

This year Russia will buy more arms than it sells for the first time in a decade in a bid to modernize its armed forces. The Defense Ministry will spend $6.8 billion on arms in 2005, compared with the $5.1 billion it earned from arms exports last year, Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said in interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily.

Be sure to take a gander at the list of links to other articles at the bottom. Is Russia trying to rekindle the Cold War or just responding to our military strategies?

» Russian Military to Spend Largest Sum on Arms Since Collapse of Soviet Union [MosNews]

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. For those who grew up watching 1980’s action movies, all I can say is think “Red dawn.” If this doesn’t trigger your intuitive mind, still content to be coddled and pacified by intellectual clap trap lauding the benefits of embracing capitalism, perhaps mulling over the following questions would be useful: Why has Russia cozied up to China, militarily and economically, since George W. came to power? Why has Russia cozied up to Iran, militarily and economically, since Geore W. came to power? Why would one of the former super powers be content to take a back seat on the world stage, becoming the subservient lolita of American business when lamentations of the days when it was easy to cause global fear and tepidation could be used to spawn a wave of militarized nationalism? Hitler used nationalism and memories of the great Prussian/Arian empire to quell the people’s starvation and economic depression in the 1930’s. Isn’t it conceivable that Russia’s political leadership can and is doing the same thing? Doesn’t it seem as if alliances are being struck, alliances which are dangerously polarizing and eerily reminiscient of pre-war accords cemented in ink prior to world war I and II? Have we in the West become so castrated by popular culture and commercialized patriotism that we have forgotten one of the golden rules, that all people long to be free, in control of their own lives and decisions, even the decision to embrace totalitarian rooted political philosophies in an effort ot break free of the chains of bondage offered by established and dominant market drive polities? Do we as citizens of the West and more particularly do you, as citizens of the United States, expect the other peoples of the world to lay down at your feet and comply with your economic/political and cultural dictates, etc., because Tom Cruise made it look so easy to enforce your “national interest” will in “Top Gun?” Finally, I would offer this message: stop speculating, wondering and turning a blind eye as to why your intemperate and offended neighbours have started to roll their fingers into tightened fists. Like it or not, the dye has been cast. A war is coming and you should prepare. Get used to images of angered and motivated soldiers from Russia, China and the Islamic world advancing on your homestead with hatred in their hearts and bad intentions. I don’t like it anymore than you do. It causes me great fear as it should you, but I will not allow myself to be immobilized by feigned surprize when the conflict begins.
    May God, whatever peace loving god you believe in, be with us all in the days ahead, for we will need his/her divine countenance and blessings.