Rumsfeld Reports, You Decide

According to this report (audio available), Donald Rumsfeld claims that the treatment political prisoners detainees receive in Guantanamo Bay is both excellent and professional.

DONALD RUMSFELD: The situation in Guantanamo Bay has been looked at by literally hundreds of journalists, by hundreds of members of the United States House and Senate, by the International Committee for the Red Cross, which has been there since the outset, and has in fact physically been located there during much of the period.

Uniformly people who go there come away saying that it is being handled in a highly professional manner and that the treatment that’s being provided people in Guantanamo Bay is excellent.

In this context, my definition for uniformly means loddy doddy everybody. To the best of my knowledge, Rustam Akhmiarov is indeed a somebody, and ISN tells his tale:

Ahmiarov said he was studying Arabic at the Islamic university in Karachi when he was picked up by the Pakistani police and imprisoned. He claimed he was given no explanation for his arrest and no official charges were brought against him.

After three weeks, he claimed, he was handed over to US officials for a sum of US$5,000. He said he was then taken to Kandahar in Afghanistan where he spent six months in what he described as a “concentration camp”, and was later allegedly transferred to Guantanamo for a further 18 months.

He told ISN Security Watch he was kept in solitary confinement for months on end and interrogated on an almost daily basis.

“All they wanted me to do was to confess to being a member of al-Qaida, or incriminate someone else,” he said.

Ahmiarov claimed he was subjected to a variety of torture techniques, including the administration of mind-altering drugs.

“I was beaten, and I saw other people being beaten. I was subjected to torture by cold and by insomnia, and by mind-changing medicines, and dogs as well,” he claimed.

Eventually Akhmiarov was turned over to Russian authorities and released, as no evidence was found against him.

To give Rummy the benefit of the doubt, let’s consider his complicity in the Abu Ghraib tortures. Perhaps by Rumsfeld’s standards Dr. Mengele was truly “professional”, and the medical care he provided was indeed “excellent”.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Let’s face it, politicians can say whatever the heck they want to say these days. When reporter then call them on it, they then go in long round about answers to questions not asked.

    This is almost not even news anymore… and that’s sad.

  2. Sometimes that’s why we have to take the news to the blogosphere, as often the main stream media refuses.

  3. When an American tortures someone, outside of the United States–which is where Bush claims Guantanamo is–a felony is committed. It someone dies under torture, the penalty may if a judge and jury agree be death.

  4. I would define Bush’s presidency as mental torture… This alone invalidates his “We do not torture” statement. Oh the agony I feel every time I see this imbecile on the TV! :)