Roberts Confirmation: Still not over that MLB Stuff

Roberts Senate confirmationIn a manner of speaking, we haven’t seen so many flawed analogies since… well, ever, but the Senate confirmation hearings for John Roberts sure do hit it out of the park:

12:25 — Biden asks about balls and strikes. Can we get some congressional interns to brainstorm some new metaphors please?

2:33 — Fox News lower-thirds: “Roberts: People need to know judges won’t take sides in disputes”. . . “Roberts: People need to know Supreme Court is level playing field.” C’mon team, enough with the baseball.

2:40 — Kyl throws softball –and the metaphor spreads– about Roberts’ pro-bono work for a death row inmate. “I was happy to pitch in and help in that area,” Roberts says.

2:47 — Kohl dismisses baseball speak: “When we look at real [constitutional issues], I wonder whether or not your analogy works.”

At which point Roberts stood up and pointed his gavel into left field before taking a swing at Senator Biden’s head (seriously, would you let the man answer?). And the umpire question we’ve all been wondering — would Robert’s allow the government to steal home? — was still left unanswered. Maybe next inning.

We know there were more crazy anologies, but we’re totally not into hearing about how “juiced” Roberts is going to be when he’s finally confirmed. On a similar tangent, we couldn’t pass up this little joke sent in on Bush’s response to the hearings (Thanks Joe Stump!):

Q: What is Bush’s position on Roe vs. Wade?
A: He really doesn’t care how people get out of New Orleans.

Update: Dang, even Drudge can’t help himself (link to “balk” story):

Drudge on Roberts abortion balk
Stephen VanDyke

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