Rita: Category 12; Almost a Black Hole

Daily ShowThe Daily Show strikes again. But this time, the focus is more on how the administration plans to deal on picking up Katrina’s tab from the Big Easy.

Basically. New Orleans had a one night stand with Katrina that has left this city with a hangover and an empty wallet. Because no one expected a hurricane to hit and damange a below sea level city, New Orleans needs money… badly. How much? As Jon Stewart says:

It’s still unclear how exactly how much will be needed to help the gulf coast recover. But this week’s Newsweek puts the price tag at $200 billion dollars.

Damn. That’s a hefty sum of money. One could take over another country with those funds. So how did Bush say he was going to help pay for it?

Bush: It’s gonna cost whatever it’s gonna cost. Therefore, we should not raise taxes.

Wow. So what is your solution then? Basically, it’s the accumulation equation (for all those fellow geeks out there). In economic terms it is:

Money saved = tax dollars in – money spent + dollars printed

So if you’re not taxing, and you are paying money out, we’re either A) going more in debt or B) printing shit loads of money.

The tour de force of the clip comes from Rob Corddry, who explains this quirk in Bush’s conservative nature.

Rob Corddry: Everything the president is doing is perfect in keeping with the conservative ideal with limited government. This government believes government should be limited not in size, but effectiveness. In terms of effectiveness, this is the most limited administration we’ve ever had…

Jon Stewart: How is his record spending conservative?

Rob: Because it’s paid for by supply economics. It’s a faith based accounting approach.

Big thanks for The Daily Show for helping to show just how “conservative” the neo-cons actually are.

  1. Every man for himself. Keep the government out of it. Let survival of the fittest and richest take hold. A natural disaster is a good way to cull the weak, sick and elderly if the government does not interfere.

    Let the market forces work. There will be some price gouging, stealing, killing and every other ugly side of human conduct imaginable.

    Load up on weapons and plenty of ammunition. Let the revolution begin. The smart, strong, independent, self-sufficient people will survive. It will not be the end of the world.

    Is this not what being a libertarian is all about? At least this scenario will remove topics for some of you so-called libertarians to use to create conspiracy theories about everything that happens, whether it be a natural disaster, a war, us being attacked, the appointment of a Supreme Court Justice, or whatever in the hell happens.

    Libertarians (big L) will never win a major election until being a libertarian is not considered the lunatic fringe cut from the same cloth as the Green Party, PETA, now the Sierra Club, ELF, the over the hill Antiwar activists and all other nut cases out there.

    I am a libertarian. However, my belief system excludes being suspicious of everyone and everything to the point of paranoia. I just cannot imagine everyone in government is somehow out to get us. I am skeptical of giving too much power to the government at any level because there surely are enough beauracrats willing and able to abuse power to build their own little empires. I have had my share of dealings with them having been self-employed since 1972.

    How about it? Why not get something going that is viable, attractive to a majority of Americans (what we call middle class taxpayers, and not full of philosophical holes?

  2. Julian – I re-read Rick’s post and can’t find anything that resembles advocation of a “conspiracy theory”. Perhaps I am blind. Please enlighten me.

  3. Mike,

    I agree I see no conspiracy theories on this post unless it is a conspiracy theory that the sun came up today.

    I have heard people say they thought the government was behind Katrina but none of them were libertarians big L or small l.

  4. The only “theory” in this entire post of mine was in regards to how the government would have to pay the 200 billion. In my mind, if they don’t raise taxes, it’s pretty clear they are going to have to print more money. While it’s certainly a “conspiracy” (because they are doing so with malice, and with hopes that the american people are clueless that their money is being devalued), there is no sensationalism or just made up shit.

    I think what appeals to a majority of americans is a government that is not corrupt and is at least honest with it’s people (after all, “We The People” ordained and established this trust in order to protect our rights).

    If the problem is that I’m pointing it out, then I’m sorry, but I will continue to do so. I try not to just bitch, and offer viable solutions when I think a libertarian solution fits. Obviously, nothing gets solved by just bitching.

    But, as confused as I am regarding Julian’s post, it’s at least civil. And I agree, we obviously want to appeal to a majority of americans. Unfortunately, a majority of americans want a free lunch from the government. Any answer that is not that is no good. How do we change that?

  5. Rick,

    When I was asked by people who I supported for President and I told them Badnarik many of them asked me why. I gave them many reasons but some got very angry with me when I told them many programs they benefit from would be cut, I even explained they would have more money in the end.

    One girl got angry with me when she made a comment about how she heard John Kerry was going to cut the department of agriculture. I quicly assured her he would do no such thing but when I said it should be done I was called a few names I will not add here. Many people aggred with me but a few I could not get to agree on anything. I usualy find out a hot button issue for someone and give them a libertarian solution such as gun control or drug legalization.

  6. Doing away with different departments of the government is not really the solution either. Slimming and Trimming to essential only functions would be well warranted however.

    I hate to say it but the corporation is not your friend… Private industry is not your friend… These entities are just as involved in the devaluation of our economy as are the politicians. Hell many of them own large portions of those companies in one way or another.

    These issues are not black and white and I would think that fellow libertarians would easily recognize this. These departments must be fully understood before they are streamlined or dismantled.

    It is a fool’s folly to attempt a complete reversal without the backing of the people. Rome, is the mob…