Ripping off Hit & Run: Friday Fun Link

Jib Jab - 2-0-5 Year in Review

I noticed Reason: Hit & Run was strangely devoid of a Friday fun link (I’ll probably eat my words when they post something before midnight). So anyways, here’s the latest Jib Jab vid: 2-0-5 (George Bush’s Year in Review).

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and if you’re in the Cleveland area, drop by tomorrow for Breakfast with Bill.

Update: This is also the open thread for the night. Tequila and boiled eggs for everyone!

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I think everyone went out to drink this Friday as opposed to the last one. In order to increase our output, I’m thinking about holding a “Blog like Instapundit Day” where we link and quote other people but only opine in ten or less words.

    Indeed. Something to think about.

  2. maybe next friday we can do drunken instapundit blogging over here – speaking of that, time to go get a drink here

  3. Did you guys see the LP blog is linking 2 diff posts to DailyKos, MyDD and letting us know they commented (cause you knows I loves to gets my libertarian commentary fix from those guys).

    Did Howard Dean walk into the wrong office building and start barking orders today or something?

  4. I noted that, and was wondering the same thing, myself.

    Especially since quite a few libertarian blogs had the same content available.

  5. Reminds me, I should go check my blog comments over there. Note how they had more traffic when I was blogging frequently over there (not to brag or anything). I’m considering dropping them altogether.

  6. Compared to the DNC and GOP blogs, the LP is pretty tepid when it comes to rhetoric. I mean, I kinda expect a partisan party website to rile people up.

    That, and I think there should be about 10 posts per day and more photos.

  7. The cool readers left, to a great degree. Where I used to get hundreds of comments (and often heated debate) over there, not it is around 10 or 20 and I get crap like “how is that relevant?”

  8. Shoot, you mean we actually have to read the links we post. That would defeat the whole purpose of the exercise. :)

  9. READING THE WHOLE THING: Stephen Gordon posts an update to other comment.

    Shoot, you mean we actually have to read the links we post. That would defeat the whole purpose of the exercise. :)


  10. I noted that Shane Cory was still awake, and invited him over to defend the LP site. His response (he said I could share it):

    Nothing to defend. When we only have one guy blogging (Matt) who is restrained by his boss (me) it makes for a timid blog. Once we get some of the work out of the way this month and next, I’ll get back to writing.

    Regarding the links, anything that generates a trackback is fine by me. I leave that up to Matt (although I do tell him not to link to the same site again and again).

  11. 3 diff things:

    Eh, I wasn’t gonna post on the Bandow thing, I was throwing more links and ideas back via email for someone else to pick up (I guess everyone is getting into the vacation groove, less posts).

    Confused on what you’re reading in regard to Deb (Corante? Grand Rounds?).

    The LP blog needs to put trackbacks above comments, post more often (today was a record of 3, no?), and get a blogroll going.

  12. Grand Rounds re: Deb.

    Not sure how to handle the Bandow thing. I believe he should have disclosed (Knapp did when he was on my payroll) but that should not be required by law. Got to think this one through. He could written for someone other than Bush, though.

    The LP site needs a lot, IMO. I get bored there and forget to go back and check comments on my own commentary. Shane has the right ideas, but limited resources. And there is no way the LNC would allow us to run it, IMO.

  13. First, Kudos to Shane and team on the blog. As I recall the D & R’s had none until we put one up. I’ve gotten positive feedback on our blog compared to the fest of attack the other guy negativity on theirs.

    Some suggestions:
    –Get the manuals, key reports, and minutes back up. The program site was doing this, but they abolished it and my volunteers quit.
    –Portal to several member run sites that are quasi offical to encourage the innovation being discussed. LNC underuses volunteer groups to get things done.
    –Steve, I volunteered to help post blog materials, and even sent in a list of some prospects likely to be interested in an occasional post. I was basically told no thanks. I would love to post stuff on positive successes or proven practical stuff. But I’m among the most published and re-published op-ed Libertarians, so why use me, huh? Browne would I bet love to let you re-edit his gems for blog us
    –Florida has county chairs maintain much of local d-bases.Would that help LP

  14. MG,

    I had to fight a bit to get to blog there. Shane seems to have the right vision, but is constrained by lack of resources.

    He is looking for people who can provide quality material.

    I don’t agree with getting rid of the archives (same with Badnarik).

  15. Yo Chris – doing ‘shine and coke here – blogging and drinking almost sort of not exactly legal but having fun nonetheless