Rick Stanley’s “The Revolutionary Coalition”

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Rick StanleyI know what you’re thinking. A revolution? That’s sooo 18th century. Well unfortunately, the same is being said for our beloved US Constitution. For most lawmakers and law enforcers, the Constitution is pretty much a dead letter or a ‘quant relic’ of the past.

Stanley is no stranger to the Patriot movement (and no, not the George Bush definition of roll over and play patriot). He was arrested on Bill of Rights Day in 2001 for openly carrying a firearm without a permit. What ensued was one of the most well documented and disheartening cases of power abuse by the judiciary. Despite proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that both the US and Colorado State Constitutions forbid laws limiting the right to keep and bear arms, Stanley was put through the legal wringer. Last February, he gave a powerful speech to the rotary club about the ordeal, and an mp3 of this can be heard here. I’ve listened to it at least 6-7 times and it still gives me chills.

Rick Stanley’s platform is one line – “To defend our God given (natural), unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.” It’s that simple folks. I agree with Rick, because if we can’t even support the framework of law, then getting elected as libertarians and passing or repealing laws means nothing without people actually respecting those changes.

So dismiss it as a pipe dream if you like, but we are losing the battle to an ever encroaching federal government which essentially does at it pleases. The choice is yours. I stand with Stanley.

  1. Prepare for the coming revolution to reestablish the Constitution as the law of the land. I believe we have moved so far away from the intent of our founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution that there may be no other recourse.

    Think about it. Why are so many Americans now afaid of our government at all levels? There may be good reason. I refuse to be afraid of those that practice power abuse. Maybe everyone should take the same stand. What is the worse that happen? Death. Hell, we are all going to die anyway.

  2. People won’t take a stand when it’s easier to just do nothing. After all, most are deluded into thinking the government is not the enemy, and that it will merely take care of them (the nanny state). They see the abuse of power as beneficial to them.

    how sad

  3. IF you’ll bother to take a minute to VERIFY this info, you’ll find who’s telling the truth and who’s NOT!!

    Rick Stanley, Barbara Hartwell, John Perna and Stewie Webb are COINTELPRO FRAUDS! Along with Tom Flocco and Sherman Skolnick these FRAUDS just tricked MANY into thinking Dick Cheney had been indicted.

    Lies and LIARS have to prop each other UP. TRUTH stands well on its own.

    Stew Webb and Hartwell pulled a COINTELPRO ‘OP’ on Genesis to get Mark Koernke’s show OFF THE AIR!

    Names are likely being forwarded to FEDS in this group BY THEM and real patriot efforts are being DIVERTED!

    Stanley is a FRAUD supporting other frauds.

    He told Nancy Koernke he was too busy having a drink in his hot tub with his wife to help another patriot in his area.

    Verify the info below FOR YOURSELF!

    I can be reached back at: hitech1@bluemarble.net for more info.

    Summary on ZIONIST ‘GAY FRIENDLY ‘ DISINFORMER John Bircher Perna:

    Summaries of Webb and Hartwell are here:

    Rick Stanley overview (Supports PHONIES like Webb, Hartwell and Perna)

  4. I understand that most have sold out, and we need to keep higher standards.

    The way I look at it is this. Sheeple need to be awakened to the madness first. Yes, Flocco and Skolnick do far more harm than good. But people that get their info in the alternative media for more than a few months can quickly see who the scam artists are, and then find the good/accurate stuff.

    He may be supporting frauds (which sucks, because it damages his credibility immensely), but I still stand behind what he’s done for 2nd amendment activism.

    He was dangerous to the powers that be, and did they get to him? We’ll see.

  5. It is a sad state of affairs; American’s brain is fried either by dope or alcohol, political issues, and or propaganda. Half of the population does not vote the other half know not why they vote to elect government Officials. Therefore, they vote for all the wrong reasons. There is only one constitutional reason anyone is elected to public office and all citizens together cannot legally change it. Yeah, they may shred it, the Constitution, but they cannot change it. The “will” of the American People for government is the Constitution and not even a majority of voters can change that, nor can government change it legally/constitutionally.

    Political issues are designed to scramble voter’s brain confuse and deceive them and it works. In constitutional America voters cannot directly settle political issues with their vote for to do so is impossible in a Republic; it is possible in a democracy. It is true today the unconstitutional government and its handlers (Bolshevik) desire and have a democracy and the citizenry don’t know the difference.

    A definition of stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    All but a few, very few, citizens are scared out of the wits of government, too scared to vote Officials out of office. Is there any wonder what those scared rabbits will do when the shooting starts. Oh that is correct the shooting started in 1861, didn’t it?


  6. Knock,knock. Who’s there? The federal government. We are here because you, Julian, are an advocate of the Constitution and have espoused the idea that another revolution may be necessary to reestablish what the founding fathers had in mind. We cannot allow this belief to go unpunished so off to jail you go. We saw your writings on Hammer of Truth. You are only the first. The rest will follow.

  7. LOL.

    Agreed. I wonder how much of our “free speech” on this and other forums will come back to bite us all in the ass.

    After all, the FBI put out a flier a few years ago… and one of the “to watch” terrorist groups was those the “defenders” of the Constitution

    I wish I was making this up

  8. Rick,

    I remember that flier. At first I thought it was a hoax but when I found out it was real I let the FBI know what I thought. I am against the U.N. (if that means I don’t support them), I make it a point to ask why I am being stopped, I am all the time making references to the Constitution, I believe driving is a right not a privalege (governments have privaleges people have rights). But I am not a terrorist.

    But what the hell is cyber penetration (I thought that was something Bill Clinton was involved in). And who the hell knew that Nuclear weapons were terrorism.

  9. Hey Rick, thanks for not parroting the blather Stewy cites saying I’m ‘FBI Division 4’ LOL! Anybody can come here to Indiana and SEE how I live! Anyway, the problem with Stanley is not that he just innocently cites their stories, he ACTIVELY SUPPORTS FRAUDS LIKE HARTWELL AND WEBB!! Without even checking the FACTS, he’s given Hartwell a platform to spew her DISINFORMATION on his show! THAT STINKS!!! Further, if the FEDs want to take somebody down, THEY CAN AND WILL! I cite Mark Koernke, Fritz Springmeier, Bob Stewart, Bill Cooper, Steve Anderson, Scott Woodring and MORE!! What the hell has Stanley done for the 2nd amendment??? All he did was pull a stunt in CO that the FEDs have YET to do anything about!!! I’m afraid it was just to make him APPEAR ‘legit’ to folks gullible enough to buy it. What he’s doing will NOT change a damn thing! Only those like Mark Koernke and others who were FOR REAL are REAL THREATS to the NWO! Stanley couldn’t even get out of his HOT TUB to help a patriot in need in his local area!

    With ‘PAYtriots’ like that…. WHO NEEDS THEM!!??